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8 Best Faraday Bags & Pouches of 2022

Best Faraday Bags
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Do you want a way to protect against EMF radiation from your cell phone, key fob, tablet, and other electronic devices while you’re on-the-go? Individual cases are nice, but what if you want something that will allow you to store multiple devices together?

Enter Faraday bags. These useful bags can be used to make life a lot easier while shielding you from harmful EMF radiation.

What are Faraday Bags?

Faraday bags are simply bags that are designed to keep signals out. That means they help keep RF-EMF radiation contained in the bag. They also keep signals out, so they can also be effective if you are concerned with hackers. They are usually designed with an RF-shielding material, such as silver or Faraday fabric, lining an interior pouch. The exterior can be made of anything from nylon to canvas to silicone.

Faraday bags are named after Michael Faraday, a scientist well-known for his research into electromagnetism. He created the first Faraday cage, which is essentially a cage capable of blocking electric and magnetic field radiation. Faraday cages are even sold to help protect against smart meters and radiation from WiFi routers.

Much like Faraday cages, Faraday bags range in size, price, and effectiveness. Always be sure to read through the reviews before deciding on a bag, and don’t be afraid to test your bag after purchasing.

Best Faraday Bags of 2022

If you’re searching for a Faraday bag, look no further. We’ve found some of the top bags on the market today, and sifted through reviews to determine which are better than the rest. Without further ado, let’s dive into the top Faraday bags of 2022.

8. EMP Defender Blackout Nesting Bags

EMP Defender Blackout Nesting Bags

EMP Defender’s Blackout Nesting Bags look like a very premium model of sandwich bag. The bags can be purchased individually, or also in five-piece survivalist kits, with enough bags to store a laptop, tablet, smartphone, and hard drives. The bags are made from multiple layers of aluminum and sealed with a Ziplock-style enclosure.

At first glance, these bags seem promising. The red flag doesn’t become apparent until you read the fine print — EMP Defender’s bags are not intended to completely block cell phone and microwave transmissions. That means radiation from your cell phone can exit the bag, and hackers can potentially reach your devices. This bag may meet your needs in certain situations, but if your goal is EMF protection, this may not be the best option.

7. EDEC Large Faraday Duffel Bag

EDEC Large Faraday Duffel Bag

The Large Faraday Duffel Bag from EDEC is designed to protect against radiation as well as tracking and spying. The bag measures 22”x10”x10”, making it large enough to fit most laptop computers, as well as your tablet, cell phone, and other electronics. Although it’s not entirely waterproof, EDEC’s duffel bag is at least water and wear-resistant, with a durable canvas outer and electromagnetic shielded interior.

EDEC’s duffel receives generally positive reviews, with many purchasers commenting on its durability, as well as its ability to block radio frequency signals from penetrating the bag’s interior. While it’s one of the priciest options on this list — only the X2 costs more — if you’re looking for a good-sized duffel, EDEC’s is worth considering.

6. Tamfile Fireproof Faraday Bag

Tamfile Fireproof Faraday Bag

Tamfile’s Faraday Bag is unique in that it is both fireproof and waterproof. Not only is this bag durable, but it’s also small enough to easily carry as a purse or stash away in a drawer, measuring in at 8.5”x4.5”. Tamfile’s bag consists of multiple pockets, and it can easily fit your passport, key fob, credit cards, and cell phone. Made from a liquid silicone outer and a silver-lined interior, this bag is designed to keep any kind of signal from breaking through. That means it can help protect against EMF radiation, as well as safeguard against hackers.

Tamfile’s Fireproof Faraday Bag is a great option if you’re looking for an inexpensive Faraday bag that isn’t too large. As an added bonus, Tamfile’s bag has an outer pocket that is not RF-shielded, so if you need your phone to send or receive a signal, you can store it in that pocket. Reviewers of the bag were overall pleased with the purchase, with many commenting on its portability and its ability to block a signal.

5. Mission Darkness Padded Utility Faraday Bag

Mission Darkness Padded Utility Faraday Bag

The Padded Utility Faraday Bag from Mission Darkness was made with durability in mind. Built for law enforcement, military ops, preppers, and others who demand a great deal of quality, this bag is worth the high price tag. At 15.5”x5.5”x7” with the padded liner, this bag is large enough to fit several smaller electronic devices. And the material is built to block WiFi, Bluetooth, and other radio frequency signals, so you’re protected from both EMF radiation and hackers.

This is a bag to consider if you have a smaller laptop, or frequently need to carry a cell phone and tablet. It can act as a purse or duffel bag, and would even make a great component to a bug out bag setup. Reviewers of the bag felt that its construction and effectiveness justified the price, although some did comment that they wish the pack were a little bigger.

4. Ticonn Faraday Bag for Key Fobs

Ticonn Faraday Bag for Key Fobs

The first Ticonn product to appear on this list, Ticonn’s Faraday Bag for Key Fobs has two pockets. The larger pocket is signal-blocking and is intended for your key fob. The smaller pocket does not block a signal and is large enough for a couple of credit cards. This pouch is ideal if you need to keep a newer-style key fob on you frequently. These key fobs not only produce EMF radiation, but they are also susceptible to hackers. A pouch like this can keep you protected from both.

Reviewers of Ticonn’s Faraday Bag for Key Fobs felt that the product worked great and was worth the price. The only drawback is the size, but if you only need to protect against a key fob this bag is a great value.

3. ONEVER Signal Blocking Bag

ONEVER Signal Blocking Bag

ONEVER’s Signal Blocking Bag can block frequencies ranging from 10kHz to 30GHz. With that impressive range, ONEVER’s bag can protect against EMF radiation from a variety of devices, even including 5G-enabled cell phones. And it’s large enough to fit your key fob and credit cards, as well, measuring 7.8”x3.9”.

When using ONEVER’s bag, make sure you place your devices inside the beige cloth pocket for maximum protection. Reviewers felt that, when used correctly, the bag was highly effective at blocking signals. Some did wish the bag was a little larger. Fortunately, ONEVER sells the bag as a two-pack, so even if you do need a little extra space, you’re covered.

2. Ticonn Faraday Bag

Ticonn Faraday Bag

Ticonn’s Faraday Bag is an inexpensive pouch that is large enough for your cell phone, key fob, and a few credit or debit cards. Similar to the key fob bag, it includes two pockets — one that is capable of blocking a signal, and one that is not. If you’re using the Faraday bag for EMF protection, you’ll want to store your cell phone in the signal-blocking pouch. If you’re guarding against hackers, your credit cards and key fob should be stored in there, as well.

Ticonn’s Faraday bag can fit most cell phones, with the pouch measuring 4.3”x7.8”. If you go this route, be careful not to get the bag wet as it may lose its effectiveness. Most reviews of the bag were positive, although one did note that the bag was only partially effective against Bluetooth. For the price, this bag is a great option.

1. Mission Darkness X2 Duffel Bag

Mission Darkness X2 Duffel Bag

The X2 Duffel Bag, the second Mission Darkness product on this list, was designed for a variety of uses. EMF protection is just one — this bag is also great for law enforcement officers, military ops, forensic investigators, and shielding against solar flares and electromagnetic pulses. Built with a durable, water-resistant nylon exterior and TitanRF’s Faraday Fabric lining the interior, this bag makes the perfect bug out bag, laptop case, or travel bag.

The bag has two RF-shielding pouches. The larger of the two, at 26”x13”x13”, is spacious enough to fit multiple laptops and other electronic devices. The smaller, measuring 8”x6”x2”, can easily fit your cell phone, key fob, and credit cards. For added convenience, the smaller pocket is detachable from the main bag.

Mission Darkness also has an app you can use to test the effectiveness of your bag, although we’ll go over other ways you can test any bag shortly. Reviewers of the X2 noted that it served them well as a carry-on bag when flying, and many of them were especially pleased with the detachable pouch. The X2 is on the pricey side, but it’s also one of the more durable Faraday bags out there.

Testing your bag

Once you’ve selected the right bag for you, a wise next step is to test your bag. You can do this with any EMF meter capable of detecting RF-EMF radiation. If you don’t have an EMF meter yet, there are quite a few options on the market. One of the best ones out there when it comes to accuracy and versatility is the TriField TF2.

To test your bag, you will need to take a few readings with your EMF meter. First, gather the items you would normally pack in your bag. This may include your key fob, laptop, tablet, and other electronic devices. With the items powered on as usual, take a reading with your EMF meter. Try to keep the distance consistent for all readings — for example, take the reading while holding the meter one foot away from the devices. Record the reading.

Next, pack your bag and close it up. Make sure all electronic devices are in shielded pouches, and that all pouches are securely closed. Hold the meter the same distance away from the bag, and take another reading. Record the result. It should be significantly lower than the reading with the items unpacked.

You can also test your bag’s signal testing abilities by placing one phone inside of a bag and closing it. Use a second phone to call the first. If the call is able to go through, the bag is not fully blocking the signal. If the phone inside the bag does not ring, however, the bag is effectively blocking the signal.

Final thoughts

If you need a way to protect against EMF radiation and store your electronic devices, Faraday bags are a convenient and effective way of doing that. Finding the right bag for you depends a lot on your budget, as well as the size of the bag you need. 8 Best Faraday Bags & Pouches of 2022

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What started out as an intention to protect my family from the dangers of EMF radiation has turned into a mission to share my research with as many people as possible. Despite the ever-increasing threat of EMF, there are many ways to keep ourselves protected. Knowledge is power!

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