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Best Low EMF Hair Dryers

Best Low EMF Hair Dryers Of 2023
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If there’s one personal care product that I don’t think I could live without, it’s my hair dryer. I’m sure most people would agree that this simple tool is a life-saver thanks to its ability to tame unruly curls and leave hair looking neat and tidy while reducing frizz. I use my blow dryer nearly every day to ensure I arrive at the office every morning with clean, dry hair.

While my blow dryer is undeniably helpful, especially when I realize I’m in a rush, it doesn’t come without its drawbacks. It turns out, one major drawback is that the heating element in my standard hair dryer generates EMF radiation.

If you’re visiting this site, you know how scary EMF radiation can be. So does that mean you need to ditch your hair dryer?

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If you’re like me and can’t live without a blow dryer, don’t worry. There are lower-EMF options out there, some of which are nearly EMF-free. Before you run out and buy one, understand that they may be pricier than the ones sold at drug stores. However, these other blow dryers are an investment in your health and safety. Plus, many low-EMF hair blow dryers are durable and designed to last longer.

Lowest EMF Hair Dryers

Chi Pro Low EMF Hair Dryer

Chi Pro Low EMF Hair DryerIf you’re looking for a professional-grade low-EMF hair dryer, I recommend the Chi Pro Low EMF Hair Dryer. It’s durable, yet lightweight at only 1.5 pounds. The ceramic heater is long-lasting and efficient, and the far-infrared heating technology heats hair 40% faster than a traditional hair dryer by drying the hair from the inside out. I was happy to learn that the manufacturer lists this product as being low EMF. 

Another feature that makes this original model of the chi low emf hair dryer stand out is its negative ion technology, which helps to reduce frizz and static electricity. This is especially useful for people living in dry climates or facing a northern winter. The Chi Pro Low EMF Hair Dryer has high and low heat settings, a removable diffuser, and concentrator nozzle, making it an excellent option for anyone, professional or not. Even better, the dryer is effective for all hair types, from straight to curly, and it works quickly to dry hair while reducing frizz.

Chi Rocket Low EMF Hair Dryer

Chi Rocket Low EMF Hair DryerThe next hair dryer on my list is Chi’s Rocket Low EMF Hair Dryer, which is a more powerful version of the Pro. Like the Pro, the Rocket is lightweight, weighing just over a pound. It has a powerful 1800-watt motor and comes with a diffuser, concentrator nozzle, and removable filter. The manufacturer states that this product has low EMF and uses infrared technology to dry hair up to 50% faster than traditional hair dryers, as well as negative ion technology to reduce static and frizz. 

I should note that the Rocket is a bit more expensive than the Pro due to its higher wattage. If you have thicker hair, the added wattage could be worth the investment, but if you have shorter or thinner hair, the Pro might be sufficient. In my opinion, the speed of the infrared technology also justifies the higher price.

FHI Heat Platform Nano Salon Pro 2000 Hair Dryer

FHI Heat Platform Nano Salon Pro 2000 Hair DryerThe FHI Heat Platform Nano Salon Pro 2000 Watt Hair Dryer is another powerful option I recently tried. It’s made from tourmaline ceramic, which offers more even drying than just ceramic alone. I also appreciate the twelve-foot cord, which gives me the flexibility to move around freely as I dry my hair. In addition, the cord is easy to secure with its one-click locking mechanism, self-gripping closure, and hanging hook. 

Some other features that I love include the three heat settings and the negative ion technology that dries hair and seals in moisture. The dryer also comes with a diffuser, concentrator, and comb for styling, as well as a protective storage bag. The airflow vent is rounded, which makes cleaning easy and prevents dust and debris from blocking the hair dryer with diffuser’s ventilation. Other reviewers of the FHI Heat Platform Nano Salon Pro love the strong airflow, light weight, and ability to dry long, thick hair. However, some reviewers mentioned that the product did not last long given the price paid for original model, which is a drawback to consider.

Trezoro Ceramic Tourmaline Pro Ion Salon Hair Dryer

Trezoro Ceramic Tourmaline Pro Ion Salon Hair DryerIf you’re looking for a hair dryer that has both high functionality and low EMF output, the ceramic tourmaline dryer from Trezoro is worth considering. I was drawn to this hair dryer because it had a ton of positive reviews, with people saying that it’s powerful enough to handle thick and long hair, while still being gentle enough for short or thin hair. I love that the dryer produces negative ions that keep my hair smooth and reduce EMF output. . 

Even better, it’s budget-friendly for a professional-grade hair dryer. With 2200 watts, multiple heat and speed settings, and concentrator nozzles, you can easily style any type of hair. The detachable filter is a great feature that allows you to clean the hair dryer with diffuser, and keep it functioning optimally during drying time. The biggest selling features for me are that the hair dryer is lightweight, powerful, and fast-drying. It’s also much quieter than many other models of blow dryers I’ve used.

Solano SuperSolano 3500 Lite Professional

Solano SuperSolano 3500 Lite ProfessionalThe Solano SuperSolano 3500 Lite Professional hair dryer is an impressive hair dryer with many features that set it apart from others on the market. I was particularly impressed with the Italian design and manufacturing, which makes it lightweight, weighing in at just one pound, and comfortable to use. This is a great choice if you experience arm fatigue while using heavier hair dryers. The product is also very quiet, making it an ideal option for those who are sensitive to louder dryers. 

The ceramic and infrared heating technology, combined with a powerful motor, can dry even the thickest hair in just a few minutes. The two included concentrators can help reduce drying time even further. With multiple heat settings and a one-touch cold air button, this dryer is fully customizable. The low EMF amount produced by the dryer is also minimal, making it a healthier choice. Other reviewers also raved about how quiet the dryer was, as well as how quickly it dried thick hair. However, it is important to note that a few reviewers did mention that the dryer did not last as long as they had hoped.

Karmin G3 Salon Pro Hair Dryer

Karmin G3 Salon Pro Hair DryerThe Karmin G3 Salon Pro Hair Dryer is a smart investment as it comes with a three-year manufacturer warranty. This hair dryer is powerful, boasting 1875 watts, and its motor is known for its longevity. Ceramic heating technology helps lock moisture into my hair, while negative ion technology fights static and frizz. And, as Karmin claims, the G3 produces minimal EMF. 

The G3 Salon Pro also comes with two nozzle attachments to help focus the airflow, as well as a larger diffuser. It’s heavier than some of the other options on this list, weighing in at two pounds, but for me the sturdiness makes up for that. With two speed settings and a cool shot, the Karmin is suitable for all hair types. The G3’s durability is key for me, as well as the quality of the attachments that come with it.

Dyson SuperSonic

Dyson SuperSonicThe Dyson SuperSonic is a hair dryer that may not have the same power as some of the other options on this list, as it is only 1675 watts. However, Dyson is a brand that I trust, despite being new to the hair dryer market. The company’s vacuum cleaners have a great reputation for quality and their low-EMF hair dryer lives up to their standards. 

One of the things that make the SuperSonic stand out is that it has a temperature monitoring feature that checks the air’s temperature 20 times per second to ensure that it is warm enough to dry the hair without damaging or burning it. In addition, the dryer has magnetic attachments, including a diffuser, smoothing nozzle, and concentrator, and four heat settings, including a gentle one that works well for fine or thin hair. 

The SuperSonic is even acoustically tuned to an inaudible frequency, making it a nearly silent hair dryer. I love the speed of this dryer and the temperature monitoring feature. However, some reviewers reported having issues with the company’s responsiveness to their complaints, so that’s something to keep in mind.

Barbar Eco 8000 Blow Dryer

Barbar Eco 8000 Blow DryerLast but not the least, I want to mention the Barbar Eco 8000 Blow Dryer, which may be a little difficult to find, but is still a great product. It has a ceramic heating element to help keep hair shiny and frizz-free, and it also has a low EMF reading of 4.1mG, making it extremely safe. 

Although it’s only 1100 watts, the manufacturer claims it’s just as powerful as an 1800 watt hair dryer, which makes it an energy-efficient yet effective option. The Barbar Eco 8000 uses up to 40% less electricity than a standard dryer.

It’s a bit on the heavy side at 1.9 pounds, but it’s still lighter than some of the other dryers on this list. It has two different heat settings, a diffuser, and a cool shot button for instantly cold air. Barbar even includes a one-year warranty with the dryer, so I’m guaranteed that it will last for at least a year. 

I love how efficient and effective this dryer is at drying even thick hair, which is surprising given its low wattage. Other reviewers have commented on how quickly the company responded to customer complaints. The only issue mentioned by reviewers was that the dryer itself was a little awkward to hold. Personally, I didn’t have a problem with that.

low emf hair dryer

Parting Words

As someone who uses a hair dryer regularly, I understand the convenience it brings to my life. However, the potential danger of EMF radiation produced by the average hair dryer is a cause for concern. It’s worrying to think that this radiation is directed towards our heads and brains during the hair drying process. If you’re like me and want to reduce your overall exposure to EMF, it’s worth considering switching to a lower-EMF hair dryer. 

While low-EMF dryers may be more expensive than the drug store options, the dryers mentioned in this article are all highly recommended and built to last. Whether you’re in the market for a new dryer or just concerned about your health, making the switch could be a smart move. 

If you’re not sure which model is best for you, I suggest starting with the Barbar Eco 8000. It produces very low EMF, is energy efficient, and can handle even thick and frizzy hair. It’s a solid all-around winner of a hair dryer.


What started out as an intention to protect my family from the dangers of EMF radiation has turned into a mission to share my research with as many people as possible. Despite the ever-increasing threat of EMF, there are many ways to keep ourselves protected. Knowledge is power!

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