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The Best Wired Earbuds of 2022

Best Wired Earbuds
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When worn correctly, both Bluetooth and wired earbuds offer a lightweight and comfortable way to listen to your favorite music or participate in a phone call. With the right pair of earbuds, you may not even know they are there.

Many modern earbuds use Bluetooth signals to send and receive data from an audio source such as your phone. There is either a receiver in one or both earpieces or a receiver in a cord that connects each side. Bluetooth earbuds allow users to play music or chat on the phone wirelessly, using radiofrequency waves. To learn more about Bluetooth, head over to What Is Bluetooth And How Does It Work?

Some earbuds use a cable to connect to the audio source, instead of a Bluetooth signal. With those models, the earbuds are plugged into your phone or another device using a 3.5mm plug, USB, or a different means of direct connection.

In this guide, we will make take a look at some of the dangers of wireless headsets, as well as the advantages of using wired options. We will also explore a few of the best wired earbud options on the market today.

Dangers of wireless headsets

The radiofrequency waves produced by wireless headsets are a form of EMF radiation. RF-EMF radiation is associated with a number of health conditions. Extended periods of exposure have been linked to the development of heart and brain tumors in rats. Although we haven’t replicated those tests in humans, it is very possible that a link exists there, as well.

RF-EMF radiation has also been tied to male infertility, miscarriages in pregnant women, neurological problems, and the development of Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity.

Wired headsets, on the other hand, produce far less RF-EMF radiation because their communication is done via a cable. They do transmit some radiation from the source to the user, but there are devices out there that claim to mitigate this. SYB’s Headset Anti-Radiation Device is one of them. With H.A.R.D., you plug your wired earbuds into one end and then plug the device directly into your audio source. According to the manufacturer, H.A.R.D. absorbs 99% of the radiation present without detracting from sound quality at all.

7 best wired earbuds of 2022

Sephia Wired Earbuds

7. Sephia Wired Earbuds. Designed to reduce ambient noise, Sephia’s earbuds feature noise isolation technology. This allows you to focus more on your music or podcast and less on everything else. The earbuds are made from soft silicone mold that provides a comfortable listening experience and the included ear bud tips make it easy to find your perfect fit. This, combined with sweat proof materials, this makes Sephia’s earbuds the ideal companion for the gym or your next bike ride. The 3.8 foot long cord also provides plenty of room between you and your audio source.

Avantree E171 Sports Earbuds

6. Avantree E171 Sports Earbuds. Avantree’s sports earbuds feature a unique, over-ear hook that helps keep each earpiece securely in place. That makes them ideal for sports and exercise, but with the built-in microphone, you could also easily use them for phone calls, as well. The in-line controls allow listeners to skip music, adjust volume, and accept or reject phone calls with the push of a button. The sound quality on these is fairly balanced, albeit a bit high on the mids and highs, as the earbud-style, in general, doesn’t lend itself to very deep bass tones. That being said, the comfort and convenience of these earbuds, combined with their affordability, make them an excellent choice for anyone seeking this style of a headset.

Linklike Quad Dynamic Headphones

5. Linklike Quad Dynamic Headphones. Linklike’s headset uses unique carbon fiber mycelium diaphragms to provide superior sound quality. This also helps create unusually rich bass for earbuds, which is further enriched by dual-woofers and sound-absorbing holes. The inline controls provide the convenience you would expect from earbuds at this price point, and the built-in microphone offers adequate responsiveness to the user’s voice during phone calls. The earbuds are designed to fit comfortably in the ear canal, and they are secure enough to offer up a degree of noise cancellation. The cord on Linklike’s headphones is made from flexible TPE and Kevlar reinforced for added durability and strength.


4. Sony MDR-XB50AP/L. In keeping with the affordable quality consumers expect from Sony, these wired earbuds use 12mm dome type drivers to provide pounding bass. The neodymium magnets offer up a balanced sound across all other tones, as well. The integrated microphone makes these perfect for phone conversations, and the playback controls allow for convenient skipping of songs or adjusting volume. The tangle-free y-cord can be easily adjusted using the attached slider, and the carrying pouch helps keep these earbuds safe when not in use. The earbuds themselves are designed to fit snugly in the user’s ear, helping cancel out ambient noises and keeping the pads in place even during movement.

Bose QuietComfort 20

3. Bose QuietComfort 20. When you have a bit of a budget to work with and you want superior sound quality, there is always Bose. The QuietComfort 20 is an earbud-style offering from the brand, and it comes in both iPhone and Android compatible versions. The earbuds come with three different earpads in sizes small, medium, and large, to allow for a comfortable fit for anyone. The built-in battery is lithium-ion, which is rechargeable using the provided USB cord. The earbuds come with a clothing clip to ensure a secure fit during use and the durable carrying case included with your purchase is a protective storage option.

Beats Urbeats3 Wired Earphones

2. Beats Urbeats3 Wired Earphones. Available in a variety of colors, Urbeats3 by Beats allow you to get expressive with your earbud choice. These high-performance earbuds offer ergonomic comfort designed to be worn all day long, with a tangle-free cord that features in-line controls and a built-in microphone. The four different earpiece sizes provided help allow users to find a snug fit that not only stays in place but also cancels out ambient sounds. Beats’ earbuds are compatible with iPhone and Android devices, and it can even allow users to activate Siri, hands-free. The wired earbuds themselves use an axial-aligned driver that boosts the bass while still providing ample amounts of mid and treble. The result is a natural sound that suits any type of music.

Kosiant Earbuds

1. Kosiant Earbuds. One of the most affordable options on our list, Vogek also earns the distinctive number one spot. That is because these budget-friendly earbuds are comfortable while still providing adequate sound quality and noise cancellation. The earpieces come in three different sizes, with an angular, ergonomic design that is made to provide a secure and snug fit. There’s no built-in microphone to deal with — these earbuds are strictly for listening.

Parting words

If you are concerned about EMF radiation, or even just sound quality, wired earbuds are a much better option. The Best Wired Earbuds of 2022

Adam Short

What started out as an intention to protect my family from the dangers of EMF radiation has turned into a mission to share my research with as many people as possible. Despite the ever-increasing threat of EMF, there are many ways to keep ourselves protected. Knowledge is power!

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