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Black Tourmaline and EMF Radiation: Everything You Need To Know

Black Tourmaline And EMF Radiation: Everything You Need To Know
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Throughout my years, I have discovered the unique properties of crystals, which have been used for various purposes such as healing, meditation, and different rituals throughout history. What I find interesting is that some crystals can also be used for modern-day applications such as EMF protection.

As for me, I know that black tourmaline is a member of the tourmaline family, a mineral group that is formed from boron silicate. Tourmaline crystals are created deep inside the Earth in crevasses, where cracks are filled with molten hot liquid that eventually hardens into different crystals. Therefore, different types of tourmaline are often found embedded in other rocks rather than on their own.

When researching crystals for EMF protection, you will likely come across a few stones that are repeatedly recommended. One such stone is shungite, which is popular for anti-EMF purposes. However, black tourmaline is another crystal that is frequently recommended.

In this guide, I will focus on black tourmaline. I will take a closer look at how this stone is made and the properties that make it potentially EMF protective. Black tourmaline has long been recognized for its grounding and protective properties. It is believed to work by absorbing negative energy and blocking harmful EMF radiation. As a result, it has become a popular choice for those seeking EMF protection.

Moreover, there are different black tourmaline products available that can help in EMF protection, such as pendants, bracelets, and crystals. They can be placed in different areas of the home or office to reduce the effects of EMF radiation from electronic devices. Additionally, black tourmaline has been linked to various other benefits such as stress relief, improved mental clarity, and increased physical vitality.

Black Tourmaline and EMF radiation

When I began exploring black tourmaline for EMF protection, I discovered numerous claims about its potential to process or neutralize surrounding EMF radiation. Some sources even suggested that it could reduce the amount of radiation produced by electronic devices. One video I found showed an EMF meter measuring radiation from a computer monitor both before and after black tourmaline was placed nearby. The results were fascinating, with the reading being lower when the black tourmaline was present. While some EMF radiation was still detected, the presence of black tourmaline made a difference. There are a few possible explanations for this. For instance, black tourmaline is made up of boron silicate deposits that contain metals such as iron, which may possess EMF protective properties. Alternatively, the stone could simply be dense enough to block some radiation from passing through. In this guide, I will delve deeper into black tourmaline’s properties and explore how it might help safeguard against EMF radiation.

Other Uses for Black Tourmaline

I find it fascinating that black tourmaline has been used for centuries for a variety of purposes, including potential EMF protection. However, there are also other potential benefits associated with the crystal. Many people use black tourmaline in jewelry, believing that it can accelerate the body’s natural healing processes, relieve muscle soreness, boost the immune system, and mitigate the effects of environmental toxins. While these claims are not always backed up by science, they are based on personal experiences and stories.

On an emotional level, black tourmaline is thought to absorb negative energies, which can be particularly beneficial for individuals who suffer from anxiety or depression. It is also believed to balance the root chakra, leading to increased confidence and stronger connections with others. Many individuals who believe in the power of energy recommend smudging black tourmaline periodically with herbs like sage to cleanse it of negative energy. To achieve optimal results, it is best to hold the crystal directly in the smoke while smudging.

Overall, black tourmaline is a versatile crystal that has a long history of use for various purposes. While its potential EMF protective properties are intriguing, it’s important to note that the claims are not yet scientifically proven. However, the other potential benefits of black tourmaline make it a popular choice for those who believe in the power of crystals and energy.

Black Tourmaline With Cross Sections

“Schorl – Black tourmaline” by Mauro Cateb is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Black Tourmaline Products

5. Real Crystal Black Tourmaline Orgone Pendant

Real Crystal Orgone Pendant

This pendant I’m looking at is called the Real Crystal Black Tourmaline Orgone Pendant. It’s made of orgonite, which is a blend of resin and stones, specifically black tourmaline, aquamarine, and onyx. The teardrop-shaped pendant has a tree of life decal on the front and a color pattern that fades from deep black to light blue at the bottom. According to Real Crystal, the pendant can provide EMF protection, help with anxiety relief, chakra balancing, meditation, and positive energy collection. It comes with an adjustable black cord that can be worn around the neck, and each necklace is 100% handmade.

4. Cioafiria Ripple Stream Raw Tourmaline Crystal Healing Chakra

Ripple Stream Raw Tourmaline Crystal Healing Chakra Pendant

If you prefer the look of raw black tourmaline over polished, I recommend this pendant from Cioafiria Ripple Stream. They wrap a raw piece of black tourmaline in hand-knitted cordage, which is knotted at various points to keep the stone securely in place. The cord itself is adjustable for a better fit. Ripple Stream claims that their raw tourmaline pendant can help shield from EMF radiation and negative energies. As the stones are raw and hand-selected, each pendant is unique. The pendant is smaller and more lightweight than you might expect for a raw tourmaline pendant, ranging in size from four to five centimeters.

Healing Crystals India Tourmaline Pyramid

3. Healing Crystals India Black Tourmaline Pyramid

When I’m looking for something to protect my home or office from EMF radiation and negative energies, I may want to consider something like the Healing Crystals India Black Tourmaline Pyramid. This pyramid is made from orgonite that includes black tourmaline and other crystals. It’s advertised as a large size, but it’s actually quite small with a two inch base, which makes it perfect for smaller rooms.

2. KALIFANO Black Tourmaline Bundle

KALIFANO Black Tourmaline Bundle

If you’re looking for EMF protection from black tourmaline, a great option could be to simply purchase a few stones. This bundle from KALIFANO includes 500 carats worth of black tourmaline crystals, although the number of stones provided may vary depending on their size. KALIFANO offers a 100% money-back guarantee for their stones, which are mined from Brazil. This bundle is perfect if you want to protect an entire room. For example, you could place one stone at each corner of your computer desk to protect you while you work.

Rock Paradise Large Tourmaline Rod

1. Rock Paradise Large Black Tourmaline Rod

I prefer the idea of raw black tourmaline, but I’d like something larger. In that case, this large tourmaline rod from Rock Paradise is perfect. Each stone weighs over a half of a pound, although the exact size varies due to the nature of raw crystals. These black tourmaline rods are mined from Brazil and come with a Certificate of Authenticity and a mineral ID card.

Final thoughts

As someone who is interested in exploring alternative methods for EMF protection, I believe that black tourmaline is worth considering. Aside from its potential to help neutralize or process surrounding EMF radiation, it also offers a range of physical and emotional benefits. In terms of physical benefits, black tourmaline is known for its ability to stimulate the body’s natural healing processes, relieve muscle soreness, boost the immune system, and help reduce the impact of environmental toxins. On an emotional level, black tourmaline may help absorb negative energies and benefit those who suffer from anxiety or depression. It can also balance the root chakra, which may lead to increased confidence and stronger connections with others.

Of course, black tourmaline is just one of many crystals that may be beneficial for EMF protection. If I’m interested in exploring other options, I should check out the guide The Top 10 Crystals for EMF Protection. This guide will introduce me to other crystals that are commonly used for EMF protection, including shungite, orgonite, and amazonite. It will also provide more detailed information about each crystal’s unique properties and how it might help with EMF radiation. By doing my own research and experimenting with different crystals, I can find the solution that works best for me and my specific needs.


What started out as an intention to protect my family from the dangers of EMF radiation has turned into a mission to share my research with as many people as possible. Despite the ever-increasing threat of EMF, there are many ways to keep ourselves protected. Knowledge is power!

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