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EMF Bed Canopies: Everything You Need to Know

EMF Bed Canopy
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Do you often feel fatigued, even after a night’s rest? Do you have difficulty falling or staying asleep? Are you struggling with depression or anxiety? It’s possible that these symptoms could be due to EMF exposure in the bedroom — and an EMF bed canopy could be the solution to your problems.

EMF in the bedroom

There are multiple potential sources of EMF radiation in the bedroom. If your city utilizes smart meters, there’s a good chance that nearby meters are broadcasting a tremendous amount of RF-EMF radiation in your direction. If you sleep with your cell phone on, that is producing a signal all night. If your home has WiFi that you leave on at night, you are exposed to that radiation, as well. Nearby TV sets, computers, appliances, smart bulbs, charging stations, and even alarm clocks can produce EMF radiation in some form.

This is problematic in any room, but the bedroom, in particular, is where you want to minimize your EMF exposure. This is because major restoration happens in your body while you sleep. Cells repair damage done throughout the day, your risk of cancer and depression is reduced, and you even experience a boost in your metabolism. For those and a host of other reasons, a good night’s rest is extremely important.

EMF exposure makes getting a truly good night’s sleep difficult. Many electronic devices produce blue light waves, which inhibit the production of melatonin, the body’s natural sleep hormone. If you aren’t producing adequate amounts of melatonin, you may experience symptoms such as insomnia, depression, anxiety, irritability, weight gain, and stomach cramps.

In addition to infringing on the quality of your sleep, EMF radiation also causes cellular damage. This constant onslaught of radiation prevents your body’s cells from repairing themselves, which can ultimately lead to major health issues such as cancer.

Some highly sensitive individuals experience other unpleasant symptoms after EMF exposure, especially when sleeping. Nausea, dizziness, itchiness, fatigue, and irritability are all associated with a high sensitivity to EMF radiation. For those individuals, exposure at night could be especially detrimental to their health.

There are a multitude of things you can do to reduce your exposure to EMF radiation while you sleep. If you’re looking for a quick and easy solution, however, you may want to consider an EMF bed canopy. These are a one-stop solution for those looking to reduce their exposure with as little hassle as possible.

EMF bed canopies

EMF bed canopies are designed to enclose your bed inside a protective mesh. The job of this mesh is to absorb or repel EMF radiation so that it does not enter the space immediately surrounding your bed. It creates an essential dead zone without you having to go through the trouble of painting all your walls with EMF paint. They tend to be pretty costly — the cheapest on the market are still over $500, and most are over $1,000 — but sometimes purchasing one canopy is cheaper than several gallons of EMF paint.

They are also very useful if you need to sleep with your cell phone on and nearby. Placing one in your baby’s room could even help protect your baby from EMF radiation produced by a baby monitor. Whether you’re highly sensitive to EMF radiation or are just concerned about the health effects of exposure, EMF bed canopies are worth considering.

Top EMF bed canopies for adults

When it comes to EMF bed canopies, you’re looking for something big enough to fit your bed inside comfortably. Most EMF bed canopies are made from similar materials — usually, netting or mesh lined with a conductive material such as silver or aluminum. Much like with conductive EMF paint, keep in mind that it is sometimes necessary to ground the canopy. If this is the case with the canopy you purchase, it will typically come with some kind of grounding unit that you can have installed by a licensed electrician.

For those interested in purchasing an EMF bed canopy, we’ve put together this brief buyer’s guide featuring some of the more popular models currently on the market.

UrGarding Silver Coated Mesh Anti-Radiation Canopy

UrGarding Silver Coated Mesh Anti-Radiation Canopy

UrGarding’s Silver Coated Mesh Anti-Radiation Canopy is made from silver-lined mesh. It repels 99.99% of frequencies from 10MHz to 10GHz, meaning it shields inhabitants from most ELF and RF-EMF radiation when installed correctly. While the manufacturer notes that it is safe to use the canopy without grounding it, grounding is still recommended for UrGarding’s canopy.

This net encloses the entire bed, and can also double as a mosquito net. To install, simply hang the net from a hook above your bed. While reviews were mixed, many noted that in order for the netting to be effective, it should hang fairly tight and not touch or lay on the bed. If it is used incorrectly, it may not work as well, and some of the negative reviews may have been due to user error.

When installed correctly, UrGarding’s Silver Coated Mesh Anti-Radiation Canopy was found by reviewers to be effective at reducing cell phone signals by a significant margin.

BlocSilver EMF Shielding Bed Canopy

BlocSilver EMF Shielding Bed Canopy

One of the most highly rated canopies on the market, BlocSilver’s EMF Shielding Bed Canopy was recently redesigned to provide more interior space. Available in a variety of sizes, including king, BlocSilver’s canopy is ideal for just about any bed size. And it’s extremely effective — this canopy can at least partially repel frequencies up to 40GHz. That means this is one of the few items on the market that, in theory, is capable of blocking a high band 5G signal. The manufacturer does note that the canopy can’t completely block a 5G signal, but even partial protection is better than nothing. For that reason alone, this product should definitely be on your radar if you live in a dense city center where 5G towers are popping up.

Reviewers of BocSilver’s canopy compared it to sleeping under the stars, completely away from WiFi and other producers of EMF radiation. While it is most effective when used in conjunction with BlocSilver’s floor mat, the canopy itself does cause a reduction in cell and WiFi signal when installed and properly closed.

Blocanopy EMF Bed Canopy

Blocanopy EMF Bed Canopy

The EMF Bed Canopy from Blocanopy is another popular brand on the market. Made from lightweight Swiss Shield Naturell Fabric, this canopy was designed to be both effective and attractive. It’s worth noting, however, that like other canopies this one requires you to be completely sealed in for maximum protection. When used correctly, many reviewers noted an increase in the quality of their sleep. Available in sizes ranging from twin to California king, Blocanopy’s EMF bed canopy can accommodate a variety of bed sizes, as well.

Like other canopies, Blocanopy’s model does require grounding by a licensed electrician. The manufacturer does state you can ground the canopy yourself if your power has been turned off overnight at the fuse box, but an electrician is probably still your safest bet. Reviewers of this canopy noted an increase in sleep — and a decrease in WiFi signals — when the canopy was in use.

Top EF bed canopies for children and infants

Children and infants are especially susceptible to the effects of EMF radiation. Multiple studies have found a correlation between childhood leukemia, for example, and ELF-EMF exposure. This could potentially be due to the fact that babies and children have much thinner skulls than adults, allowing more radiation to pass through. If you have a little one at home, consider installing an EMF bed canopy over their bed or crib.

BlocSilver EMF Shielding Bed Canopy — Small

BlocSilver EMF Shielding Bed Canopy Small

The same, highly recommended manufacturer of adult EMF bed canopies also has models designed for cribs and small beds. BlocSilver’s child-sized canopies are a little cheaper than their adult counterparts, but they are equally effective at blocking signals up to 40GHz.

While BlocSilver makes canopies that are specially designed for cribs and small beds, any smaller-sized EMF protection canopy should work.

Making your own canopy

If you have an irregularly-sized bed — or if you’re just a bit on the crafty side, you may want to consider making your own EMF bed canopy. There are several manufacturers of fabric — Blocsilver, for example, sells their canopy fabric. Swiss Shield is another trusted manufacturer of EMF protective fabric. To ground the canopy, Woremor, manufacturer of EMF paint, also sells a grounding plug. You will need to have the plug installed by a licensed electrician, just like with a pre-made canopy.

To make your own canopy, simply measure out how much fabric you need and purchase that amount. Fasten some kind of hook to the top of the fabric, as well as to your ceiling, and hang the fabric over your bed, using multiple hooks if needed. If necessary, you can sew fabric weights to the end of the fabric to help it hang more uniformly around your bed. The most important thing to keep in mind when designing your own EMF bed canopy is that it must not be touching you while you sleep. Therefore, make sure to use just the right amount of fabric, and don’t drape it too loosely. Ensure all gaps are closed up each night after getting into bed.

You can use a pair of clips to attach the grounding cable and unit to the canopy. While grounding is not an absolute necessity, it will increase the effectiveness of your bed canopy, particularly against ELF-EMF radiation.

Testing your canopy

Whether your canopy is store-bought or handmade, you may want to test it to ensure that it is effective. You can do this with a high-quality EMF meter. While there are many available on the market, we typically recommend the TriField TF2, which is capable of detecting all three forms of EMF radiation with a great deal of accuracy. One of the most trusted brands on the market, TriField’s EMF meter is a worthwhile investment for any household.

Whether you go with the TF2 or another meter capable of detecting electric, magnetic, and RF radiation, you will test your canopy in the same way. You will take two measurements — one with the canopy open, and one with it closed.

Ideally, the reading with the canopy closed should be significantly lower than the reading with the canopy open. If this is not the case, ensure that your canopy is installed correctly and that there are no visible gaps — even small ones. It is imperative that the canopy is sealed completely. If you spot any gaps, fix them and re-take your reading. If you’re still experiencing a higher-than-desired reading even with the canopy completely closed, it’s possible that radiation is coming in from underneath the bed.

One thing you could try is an EMF floor mat. BlocWiFi, for example, sells an EMF protection mat that, when grounded by a licensed electrician, can protect against ELF and RF radiation. Installing one of these along with your canopy should create an almost complete EMF dead zone. If you do opt to go the floor mat route, try taking a reading both prior to and after the installation of the mat for best results.

Final thoughts

EMF radiation is an increasingly pervasive and dangerous part of modern life. Protecting yourself is important, especially when sleeping. Cancer and other illnesses have been associated with poor sleep, making the need to protect yourself from EMF radiation as you rest all the more important. This is doubly true for infants, children, and EMF-sensitive individuals.

An EMF bed canopy is one way to shield yourself from radiation when it matters most. Whether you have a smart meter on the wall next to your bedroom, you have to sleep with your cell phone nearby, or you’re just looking for a way to protect your baby, many consider EMF bed canopies a worthwhile investment. For the increased sleep quality and peace of mind alone, these canopies can make a world of a difference. EMF Bed Canopies: Everything You Need to Know

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What started out as an intention to protect my family from the dangers of EMF radiation has turned into a mission to share my research with as many people as possible. Despite the ever-increasing threat of EMF, there are many ways to keep ourselves protected. Knowledge is power!

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