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EMF Bed Canopies: Everything You Need to Know

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In today’s age of technological advancement, we’re surrounded by invisible electromagnetic fields (EMFs), particularly in our homes. These EMFs can originate from various sources, including our beloved gadgets like smartphones, tablets, Wi-Fi routers, and more. Today, we’re focusing on a rather innovative solution to reduce exposure to EMF while you sleep – EMF bed canopies.

EMF in the Bedroom

Within the confines of your bedroom, numerous potential sources emit electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation. If your locality employs smart meters, nearby devices likely emit a substantial amount of radio frequency (RF) EMF radiation in your vicinity. Leaving your cell phone powered on during sleep means it continuously emits signals. Similarly, if you keep your home’s WiFi active overnight, you expose yourself to its radiation. Additionally, neighboring television sets, computers, appliances, smart bulbs, charging stations, and even alarm clocks generate varying forms of EMF radiation.

While EMF exposure poses issues in any room, it is particularly crucial to minimize it in the bedroom. During sleep, your body undergoes significant restoration processes. Cells repair the damage incurred throughout the day, reducing the risk of cancer and depression while enhancing metabolism. For a multitude of reasons, obtaining a restful night’s sleep is of utmost importance.

EMF exposure hampers the ability to achieve truly restorative sleep. The emission of blue light waves by numerous electronic devices disrupts the production of melatonin, the crucial hormone responsible for regulating our natural sleep-wake cycle. Insufficient melatonin production can lead to insomnia, depression, anxiety, irritability, weight gain, and stomach cramps.

In addition to diminishing sleep quality, EMF radiation causes cellular damage. The continuous assault of radiation inhibits the body’s cell repair mechanisms, potentially resulting in severe health complications, including cancer.

EMF in the Bedroom

Certain individuals with heightened sensitivity experience various unpleasant symptoms following EMF exposure, particularly during sleep. Heightened sensitivity to EMF radiation is often linked to various discomforting symptoms, including nausea, dizziness, itchiness, fatigue, and irritability. For such individuals, nighttime exposure could have even more detrimental effects on their well-being.

Fortunately, numerous measures can be taken to reduce EMF exposure during sleep. However, for those seeking a convenient solution, an EMF bed canopy is a comprehensive option requiring minimal effort. By considering an EMF bed canopy, you can effectively minimize your exposure to radiation without extensive complications.

Introduction to EMF Bed Canopies

EMF bed canopies offer a unique solution by enclosing your bed within a specialized mesh structure. This innovative mesh is designed to either absorb or repel EMF radiation, effectively creating a protective barrier that prevents the radiation from permeating the immediate area surrounding your bed. This means you can establish a crucial “dead zone” without the need for laboriously coating your walls with EMF paint. While they can be quite expensive—with even the most affordable options on the market surpassing $500, and most exceeding $1,000—opting for an EMF bed canopy can sometimes be more cost-effective than purchasing several gallons of EMF paint.

Moreover, these canopies serve as an invaluable solution if you rely on keeping your cell phone nearby while sleeping. Additionally, placing an EMF bed canopy in your baby’s room can offer protection against the EMF radiation emitted by baby monitors. Whether you possess heightened sensitivity to EMF radiation or simply harbor concerns about its potential health effects, considering an EMF bed canopy proves to be a worthwhile investment.

Top EMF Bed Canopies for Adults

When seeking an EMF bed canopy, it is essential to find one that comfortably accommodates your bed’s size. These canopies typically utilize similar materials, such as netting or mesh, which are lined with a conductive substance like silver or aluminum. Similar to the grounding requirements of conductive EMF paint, it is important to consider whether the canopy requires grounding. If grounding is necessary, the purchased canopy usually includes a grounding unit that can be professionally installed by a licensed electrician.

To assist those interested in acquiring an EMF bed canopy, we have prepared a concise buyer’s guide showcasing some of the most sought-after models currently available in the market.

UrGarding Silver Coated Mesh Anti-Radiation Canopy

UrGarding Silver Coated Mesh Anti-Radiation CanopyThe innovative Silver Coated Mesh Anti-Radiation Canopy by UrGarding. This exceptional canopy is crafted from a specialized silver-lined mesh, offering unparalleled protection. With an impressive ability to repel 99.99% of frequencies ranging from 10MHz to 10GHz, it effectively shields occupants from the majority of ELF and RF-EMF radiation when installed properly. While the manufacturer assures the canopy’s safety even without grounding, it is still recommended to implement grounding for optimal results.

This versatile net serves a dual purpose as it encloses the entire bed while also functioning as a mosquito net. 

Boasting an impressive capability to repel 99% of frequencies spanning from 10MHz to 10GHz, this remarkable shielding solution effectively safeguards occupants from the vast majority of ELF and RF-EMF radiation when correctly installed. While user reviews varied, it was commonly observed that for optimal effectiveness, the netting should hang tautly without making contact with or resting on the bed. Incorrect usage may hinder its performance, and some negative reviews could potentially be attributed to user error.

Upon correct installation, reviewers found UrGarding’s Silver Coated Mesh Anti-Radiation Canopy to be remarkably effective in significantly reducing cell phone signals.

BlocSilver EMF Shielding Bed Canopy

Blocsilver EMF Protection Four Poster Bed CanopyDiscover the exceptional BlocSilver EMF Shielding Bed Canopy, acclaimed as one of the most highly regarded options available. Recently revamped, this canopy now offers an expanded interior space to ensure maximum comfort. With a range of sizes, including king, BlocSilver’s canopy is perfectly suited for various bed dimensions. Notably, it showcases remarkable effectiveness, capable of partially repelling frequencies up to an impressive 40GHz. This means it stands among the few products theoretically capable of blocking high-band 5G signals. Although the manufacturer clarifies that complete blocking of 5G signals is not feasible, the canopy still provides valuable partial protection. For individuals residing in densely populated urban centers with proliferating 5G towers, this product should undoubtedly be on their radar.

Reviewers likened the experience beneath BlocSilver’s canopy to slumbering under the starry sky, far away from the influence of WiFi and other sources of EMF radiation. While its performance is further enhanced when used in conjunction with BlocSilver’s floor mat, the canopy itself effectively reduces cell and WiFi signals when properly installed and closed.

Blocanopy EMF Bed Canopy

Blocanopy EMF Bed CanopyExperience the highly sought-after EMF Bed Canopy by Blocanopy, another leading brand in the market. Meticulously crafted from lightweight Swiss Shield Naturell Fabric, this canopy seamlessly combines effectiveness with aesthetic appeal. However, it is important to mention that, like other canopies, maximum protection requires complete sealing. When utilized correctly, numerous reviewers reported an improvement in sleep quality. Blocanopy’s EMF bed canopy is available in a wide range of sizes, accommodating beds from twin to California king, ensuring suitability for various bed dimensions.

Similar to other canopies, grounding is necessary for Blocanopy’s model and should be carried out by a licensed electrician. Although the manufacturer suggests the possibility of self-grounding if the power is switched off overnight at the fuse box, it is recommended to opt for professional assistance to ensure utmost safety. Reviewers praised the canopy for enhancing sleep quality and reducing WiFi signals while in use.

Top EMF Bed Canopies for Children and Infants

The vulnerability of children and infants to the impacts of EMF radiation cannot be overstated. Extensive research has consistently revealed a link between ELF-EMF exposure and conditions like childhood leukemia. The thinner skulls of babies and children compared to adults may play a role in this susceptibility, as they allow greater penetration of radiation. If you have a precious little one in your household, it is crucial to prioritize their safety. Installing an EMF bed canopy over their bed or crib offers a proactive measure to shield them from potential harm and create a protective sanctuary for their well-being.

BlocSilver EMF Shielding Bed Canopy — Small

BlocSilver EMF Shielding Bed Canopy SmallDiscover the commendable manufacturer renowned for its adult EMF bed canopies, which also offers dedicated models for cribs and small beds. BlocSilver’s child-sized canopies provide an effective solution at a slightly more affordable price point, while maintaining the capability to block signals up to 40GHz. While BlocSilver provides specially designed canopies for cribs and small beds, it’s worth noting that other smaller-sized EMF protection canopies should serve the purpose effectively as well. Ensure the safety of your little ones with a suitable EMF protection canopy designed to meet their specific needs.

Making Your Own Canopy

For those with irregularly-sized beds or a creative inclination, crafting your own EMF bed canopy can be a viable option. Several fabric manufacturers, such as Blocsilver and Swiss Shield, offer EMF protective fabric that can be utilized for this purpose. To ensure proper grounding, Woremor, a reputable EMF paint manufacturer, provides grounding plugs for sale. It is essential to have the plug installed by a licensed electrician, similar to pre-made canopies.

To create your own canopy, measure the required fabric length and make the corresponding purchase. Attach hooks to both the fabric’s top edge and your ceiling, utilizing multiple hooks if necessary. For a more even drape, you can sew fabric weights to the fabric’s ends. The crucial consideration in designing your own EMF bed canopy is to ensure that it does not touch you during sleep. Therefore, use an appropriate amount of fabric and avoid loose draping. Each night, ensure that all gaps are securely closed after getting into bed.

To attach the grounding cable and unit, you can utilize clips on the canopy. While grounding is not mandatory, it significantly enhances the effectiveness of the bed canopy, particularly against ELF-EMF radiation.

Bed Canopy

Testing Your Canopy

TriField TF2Regardless of whether you have a store-bought or handmade canopy, it’s essential to test its effectiveness using a reliable EMF meter. Among the various options available, we often recommend the TriField TF2 due to its high accuracy in detecting all three types of EMF radiation. As a reputable brand in the market, investing in TriField’s EMF meter proves valuable for any household.

Whether using the TF2 or another meter capable of measuring electric, magnetic, and RF radiation, the testing process remains the same. Take two measurements: one with the canopy open and another with it closed.

Ideally, there should be a notable reduction in the readings when the canopy is closed compared to when it is open. If this is not the case, ensure that the canopy is correctly installed without any visible gaps, no matter how small. Complete sealing of the canopy is imperative. If any gaps are detected, fix them and re-take the measurement. In the event that you still observe higher-than-desired readings even with the canopy fully closed, it’s possible that radiation is infiltrating from underneath the bed.

EMF protection matsConsider using an EMF floor mat as a potential solution. Brands like BlocWiFi offer EMF protection mats that, when grounded by a licensed electrician, can effectively shield against ELF and RF radiation. Installing a floor mat alongside your canopy creates an almost complete EMF dead zone. If you choose to incorporate a floor mat, take readings before and after its installation for optimal results.


What started out as an intention to protect my family from the dangers of EMF radiation has turned into a mission to share my research with as many people as possible. Despite the ever-increasing threat of EMF, there are many ways to keep ourselves protected. Knowledge is power!

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