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EMF Protection Clothing: Your Complete Guide

EMF Protection Clothing
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There are a number of things you can do to help protect yourself and lower your EMF exposure. For example, you can use a wired headset when talking on the phone to create space between your brain and the device. You can install a wired internet connection and forgo the WiFi, lowering your entire family’s exposure. There are dirty electricity filters and smart meter covers that can be installed in your home, and RF-shielding smart covers for your cell phone.

And now, there is even clothing that offers protection from EMF. The idea of EMF protective clothing is an appealing one. You can’t control your exposure outside of the home, and many of these items of clothing provide a discrete way to shield key areas of your body against EMF radiation. Places like your brain, heart, and reproductive organs are especially sensitive to the effects of EMF radiation, and could potentially benefit from increased protection.

While the idea is great in theory, you may have some questions. EMF protective clothing tends to run on the expensive side because of the materials used. You probably want to make sure the investment is worth it, and that the product actually works. This guide is here to help.

We’re going to take a look at what EMF protective clothing actually is, whether or not it works, and what products are worth the price. We’ll also talk about how you can test whether or not an article of clothing lives up to its claims when it comes to blocking EMF radiation.

How it works

EMF protective clothing is usually made from a blend of different materials. Silver tends to be a part of that blend, and often times you’ll find that the items of clothing with the highest percentage of silver are also the most effective against EMF radiation. Copper is another material that is frequently used and that can also attenuate, or dampen, frequencies very well.

In most articles of EMF protective clothing, copper, silver, or both, are blended with a more traditional fabric such as cotton, nylon, and/or polyester. This allows the clothing to attenuate certain frequencies, although the exact frequencies vary depending on the blend used.

Other articles of clothing are made from normal fabric but come with a protective barrier inside of them. So the exterior may be made from a cotton-polyester blend, but there might be a silver insert that actually does the shielding.

Is it effective?

EMF clothing can be effective at dampening certain frequencies, thus reducing your overall exposure to EMF radiation. It won’t block it completely, but if an article of clothing shields against 99.99% of a wide range of frequencies, that article of clothing could be worth the investment. When it comes to EMF radiation, any reduction in exposure is a good thing.

Considerations when buying EMF protective clothing

If you’ve decided to purchase EMF protective clothing, there are a few things you should consider before taking the plunge.

First, look at the clothing item’s attenuation. Anything 20dB or higher will protect against 99% or more of a given frequency range. That being said, the first thing you want to make sure of is that your clothing’s decibel level is at least 20dB.

Next, consider the range of frequencies that the clothing is protecting against. Make sure it’s within the range that you are most frequently exposed to. If an article of clothing doesn’t protect against radio frequencies, for example, and you are using it to guard against WiFi and cell phone radiation, that article of clothing will not be effective. You would need something capable of blocking higher frequencies.

Also, consider the item’s lifespan and the amount of wear and tear expected. Not all articles of EMF protective clothing hold up well to multiple washes, because of the materials needed to block EMF radiation. If this is an item you will use heavily, you may want to buy multiples, if your budget allows.

The final thing to think about is the item’s cost. EMF clothing is expensive, particularly for a product that receives decent reviews and that lives up to the manufacturer’s claims. If there isn’t room in your budget right now, you may still be able to benefit from EMF protective clothing, however. There are also EMF protective fabrics made from similar material to the clothing available from multiple manufacturers. You may be able to make your own shirt, hat, or another item of clothing from protective fabric.

Top clothing items for EMF protection

If you are interested in purchasing EMF protective clothing, you have some options available to you. The following are just a few that are currently on the market.

EMR Shielding Solutions EMF Protection Cap

EMR Shielding Solutions EMF Protection Cap

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If you’re going to invest in EMF protective clothing, hats are a good place to start. Glioma has been tied to cell phone usage, possibly because the devices are held in such close proximity to the brain. Any steps you can take to protect this sensitive area is worth it, and wearing a hat is an easy step to take.

EMR Shielding Solution’s EMF Protection Cap is 99.999% effective at blocking EMF radiation, according to the manufacturer. It’s made from a blend of copper, cotton, lycra, and silver. The hat features a Coolmax sweatband to help prevent your head from overheating, and it’s available in five different colors.

The hat sounds promising in theory, but does it work? The reviews are pretty mixed. Some EMF-sensitive individuals did comment that they noticed a decrease in headaches when wearing the hat regularly. Others felt that the hat was low quality and fell apart easily. Your experience may vary, but if you are concerned about radiation from your cell phone or are EMF-sensitive, it could be a product worth considering.

OURSURE Anti-Radiation Unisex Tank Top

OURSURE Anti-Radiation Unisex Tank Top

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Your core is another key area when it comes to EMF shielding, particularly if you’re a heavy cell phone user. Studies have tied cell phone signals to heart tumors in rats. While it’s not clear how those results would translate to human subjects, it’s natural to feel concerned and want to protect yourself. OURSURE’s Anti-Radiation Unisex Tank Top is one way to do that.

OURSURE’s Anti-Radiation Unisex Tank Top is made from a 100% silver-nylon blend. The tank top is highly effective (60dB attenuation) at blocking frequencies in the 10MHz to 3+ GHz range. Lightweight and breathable, OURSURE’s tank top can easily serve as a base layer under your normal clothes.

Reviewers of the tank top noted that it fits true to size. They also commented on how well it works, with multiple reviewers having tested the top with an EMF meter.

BlocWave EMF Protection Hoodie

BlocWave EMF Hoodie Men's

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BlocWave’s EMF Protection Hoodie provides protection for your entire upper body and head. It could be argued that the goal of EMF protection clothing should really be to cover the largest surface area possible, and hoodies are an efficient way of covering a large portion of your body. That alone makes BlocWave’s hoodie appealing.

The EMF Protection Hoodie from BlocWave protects against 99% of RF-EMF radiation. It’s made from a blend of silver, cotton, nylon, and spandex, with silver being the primary material used. BlocWave’s hoodie is machine washable up to 30 times, so this isn’t a shirt to wash after every use. But it slides on easily over your other clothing and looks just like a normal hooded sweatshirt.

Radia Smart EMF Wrap Poncho

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Ponchos are one of the most versatile pieces of clothing out there. They keep you warm, but not too warm. They are fashionable, functional, and, with this poncho from Radia Smart, they can be EMF protective, as well.

The EMF Wrap Poncho is available in either solid black or white. It is made from organic cotton and woven silver, a blend that Radia Smart claims can shield against 99.9% of RF-EMF radiation. This poncho is ideal for pregnant women who may want additional EMF protection around their mid-section when leaving the house. It can also easily double as a protective blanket or swaddle.

Riparo/SYB Silver-Lined Boxer Briefs

RiparoSYB Silver Lined Boxer Briefs

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The evidence is clear: EMF radiation negatively impacts male fertility. Studies and literature reviews suggest RF-EMF radiation can decrease sperm quality and quantity, leading to infertility. This could be especially relevant in modern society when many people set laptops on their laps and put their phones in their pockets. Placing these high-EMF devices so close to sensitive regions can definitely be problematic.

Riparo’s Silver-Lined Boxer Briefs are one way to protect yourself from fertility issues related to EMF exposure. Made from silver, cotton, and polyester, Riparo’s briefs block up to 99% of EMF radiation. The company SYB (Shield Your Body) actually purchased Riparo, so you can find these boxers under either brand name. SYB’s version is made from a slightly different blend of materials (including nylon, instead of polyester), but both do the same job. One advantage of the Riparo/SYB boxers over other options is that the entire brief is made from protective material.

OURSURE Anti-Radiation Woman Panties

OURSURE Anti-Radiation Woman Panties

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EMF radiation can impact female fertility, too. In the literature review cited earlier, it looked at the impact on both males and females. EMF radiation has different effects depending on the animal and even the frequency, but in several instances, it was shown to negatively impact a female’s fertility.

With that in mind, it’s important for women to be protected, too. OURSURE’s Anti-Radiation Shield Panties are one option on the market. Made from a silver-nylon blend, these panties provide substantial effectiveness (60dB attenuation) up to 3GHz. The one drawback is that they are handwash only, but keeping them out of the washer will preserve their life.

Testing your clothing

After you purchase a piece of EMF protection clothing, you probably want to test it to ensure that the manufacturer’s claims are true. This is done using a high-quality EMF meter. The type of meter needed depends a little on what piece of clothing you’re measuring — some only block RF-EMF radiation, while others also block ELF-EMFs. Make sure that your meter can read the frequencies you need.

One great option that can actually detect all forms of EMF radiation (electric, magnetic as well as RF-EMFs) is the TriField TF2. The TF2 is widely used and regarded as one of the more accurate meters on the market today.

Once you have a meter, you’ll need to take some measurements. First, take a reading of ambient air in your home. This will give you a foundation to go from. To get this, go into any room of your home and take one reading. That is your baseline. Then, wrap your EMF protective clothing around the sensitive end of the meter. That is the protected number.

If a product says it is 99% effective, the reading with protective gear should be 99% lower than the baseline reading.

Final thoughts

When it comes to EMF protection, sometimes it can feel like you can’t do enough to lower your exposure. Even if you’ve switched to incandescent bulbs, you use a protective laptop pad, and you’ve ditched your Bluetooth fitness tracker, it can still feel like there’s more to be done. EMF protective clothing offers a way to protect yourself even when you’re outside of the home.

For those truly concerned with lowering their exposure, these articles of clothing can make a lot of sense. They can help shield your head, heart, and other vital organs from EMF radiation, thus lowering your risk of dangerous side effects. In some sensitive individuals, EMF protective clothing can also mean freedom from living with constant headaches, fatigue, nausea, and other unpleasant symptoms. In those instances, it tends to be worth the price.

If you’re trying to lower your EMF exposure outside of the house, EMF protective clothing is a great way to do that. Just be sure to test the manufacturer’s claims, and always purchase items that have received verified reviews. The items listed in this article are a good place to start. EMF Protection Clothing: Your Complete Guide

Adam Short

What started out as an intention to protect my family from the dangers of EMF radiation has turned into a mission to share my research with as many people as possible. Despite the ever-increasing threat of EMF, there are many ways to keep ourselves protected. Knowledge is power!

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