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12 Must-Have EMF Protection Products

EMF Protection Products
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From laptop pads to protective hats, there is no shortage of EMF protection products out there. Whether you’re looking for protective items for yourself, or are simply searching for holiday gift ideas, there are a few stand-out items that are worth considering above the rest. Read on for 12 must-have EMF protection products that will help reduce your overall radiation exposure.

Woremor EMF Paint

12. Woremor EMF Paint. Whether you’re looking to create a dead zone in your home or simply want to block out a neighbor’s WiFi signal, EMF paint is a powerful ally in the fight against EMF radiation. And Woremor’s is one of the best.

Environmentally-friendly and water-resistant, Woremor’s paint attenuates up to 99.98% of EMF radiation after a single coat, and 99.995% after the recommended two layers. It goes on black but can be easily covered up by any color of silicone-based paint. Woremor’s paint is conductive, so it’s worth noting, as well, that you will need to have a licensed electrician ground it before it is effective.

DefenderShield Laptop Pad

11. DefenderShield Laptop Pad. Laptops are notorious producers of EMF radiation. And they are especially problematic because we often use them while setting them on our lap. This, of course, places EMF radiation in close proximity to sensitive reproductive organs — not an ideal situation, by any means.

DefenderShield’s laptop pad can help. This pad creates a buffer between you and your laptop, allowing you to use the device without all the added EMF exposure. Their pad fits up to a 17-inch laptop and comes in three different colors — black, blue, or grey. The surface is anti-slip, helping your laptop to stay securely in place during use, as well.

 JJ Care Faraday Fabric

10. JJ Care Faraday Fabric. Sometimes, you just want to make your own EMF protective items. Whether you’re crafty or just have a need for which a product doesn’t exist, protective fabric can help you make your DIY dreams come true.

JJ Care’s Faraday Fabric is just that. This fabric comes as a 44-inch by 39-inch sheet and can be easily cut and made into whatever you can think of. The material consists of polyester fiber blended with copper and nickel, which are both conductive metals known to attenuate EMF radiation. As such, this fabric shields against many different forms of ELF and RF-EMF radiation.

SYB Headset Anti Radiation Device

9. SYB Headset Anti Radiation Device. You may have heard the advice to use a headset when talking on the phone in order to reduce your EMF exposure. Air tube headsets are widely known as the safest and lowest-EMF producing headphones out there, but the sound quality can leave something to be desired. Normal wired headsets, however, can transmit EMF radiation from your device on up to your head.

That’s where SYB’s Headset Anti Radiation Device comes in handy. Simply plug your headset into the H.A.R.D. and then plug that device into your phone. It serves as an EMF-reducing buffer, without sacrificing any sound quality.

Radia Smart Large Protective Pregnancy Blanket

8. Radia Smart Large Protective Pregnancy Blanket. Pregnancy is a delicate time. Many mothers-to-be want to do whatever they can to protect their baby, but one important thing is often overlooked. RF-EMF radiation has been shown to raise the risk of a miscarriage, and yet, there are no warnings about using RF-producing devices such as cell phones during pregnancy.

One way to use your devices safely is with Radia Smart’s pregnancy blanket. Made from soft, organic cotton, Radia Smart’s blanket is large enough to easily fit over a pregnant mom’s belly, keeping both baby and mother safe from any nearby EMF radiation.

Blocsilver Four Poster EMF Protection Canopy

7. Blocsilver Four Poster EMF Protection Canopy. Sleep is sacred. When your body sleeps, it restores itself from the onslaught of damage done during the day. As such, it’s important to keep your bedroom as much of an EMF-free zone as possible. This is difficult, however, for those who need to sleep with their cell phone on and nearby, or who have other factors resulting in high EMF levels at home.

Blocsilver’s EMF protective canopy seeks to solve that problem. Made from a lightweight and breathable protective fabric, this canopy is as stylish as it is protective. And it is quite protective, shielding frequencies up to 40Ghz. To use your canopy, make sure the fabric is completely surrounding your bed and climb in. It’s that easy.

Woremor EMF Radiation Protection Bush Hat

6. Woremor EMF Radiation Protection Bush Hat. When you’re on-the-go, there’s no telling what radiation you’re exposed to. And if you suffer from a condition such as Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity — or, if you’re simply EMF-conscious — that can cause a great deal of stress in addition to other physical symptoms. One way to cut down on this is by wearing protective gear, such as this hat from manufacturer Woremor.

The bush hat is a wide-brimmed hat available in either navy blue or beige. It comes with an adjustable chin strap so you can secure the hat to your head on a windy day, and the shielding material the hat is made from — namely, silver and copper — blocks up to 99.9% of EMF radiation.

Smart Meter Guard EMF Shield

5. Smart Meter Guard EMF Shield. If your home uses a smart meter, there is a good chance that it is a significant contributor to your home’s EMF levels. Smart meters send out high quantities of RF-EMF radiation as they transmit signals to and from your utility company, and even the American Cancer Society acknowledges their potential risks. Unfortunately, however, many homeowners have no say over whether or not their municipality uses these meters.

What you can do, however, is install a cover. Smart Meter Guard’s EMF Shield fastens securely over the glass part of your smart meter. The metal mesh acts as a Faraday cage, keeping EMF radiation in while allowing the meter’s signal out.

DefenderShield EMF Radiation Protection Holster

4. DefenderShield EMF Radiation Protection Holster. Sometimes, you just need a good place to store your cell phone. A pocket or purse isn’t always ideal. Holsters, on the other hand, are a little more versatile. They can clip onto a belt loop and provide a secure and easily accessible way to access your phone. The problem, however, is that these holsters also put your cell phone directly next to your body, which is generally not ideal.

Enter DefenderShield’s EMF Protection Holster. Capable of blocking signals ranging from WiFi to 5G, simply drop your phone inside the case, fasten the magnetic closure, and attach the holster to your belt loop or pants using its rotating belt clip. This holster reduces up to 99% of EMF radiation — without forcing your phone to lose its signal. If you need to keep your phone on and accessible at all times but worry about the risks, this is a must-have.

SafeSleeve Anti Radiation Phone Case

3. SafeSleeve Anti Radiation Phone Case. By now, you probably have heard about the dangers of cell phone radiation. They have been linked to glioma and a variety of other health conditions, particularly for those who use them for extended periods of time or who store them near their body, such as in a pants pocket. If you find yourself falling into either of these categories, it may be time to invest in this anti-radiation cell phone case from SafeSleeve.

Made from vegan leather, SafeSleeve’s case has been lab-tested and shown to attenuate up to 99% of the EMF radiation produced by your phone. It features a built-in wallet, so you can safely store your ID and other cards, and the RF-blocking material even helps keep your chip-enabled credit cards secure from hackers. The built-in kickstand is another helpful feature, as is the military-grade construction.

Mission Darkness Non-Window Faraday Tablet Bag

2. Mission Darkness Non-Window Faraday Tablet Bag. Tablets, like other connected devices, produce some level of RF-EMF radiation, although the exact amount varies by model. Because of this, it is not recommended to store your tablet in close proximity to your body. So what can you do if you need to take your device on-the-go?

Try this Faraday Tablet Bag from Mission Darkness. Capable of blocking 5G, WiFi, Bluetooth, and other forms of RF radiation, this bag is made from TitanRF Faraday Fabric. It includes a velcro closure to keep your tablet tucked safely inside, and it provides protection for your device while simultaneously shielding you from its radiation. Military-grade construction means this bag is durable, as well, and built to last.

TriField TF2 EMF Meter

1. TriField TF2 EMF Meter. When it comes to EMF protection, a meter is one of the most important items you can have. A good EMF meter gives you an idea of how much radiation is produced by various devices, allowing you to see where problem areas are around your home. It can also help you verify if steps you’re taking to reduce those levels are effective. And when it comes to EMF meters, one of the best entry-level options out there is the TF2 from TriField.

This device can detect three types of EMF radiation: RF, electric fields, and magnetic fields. The meter updates in real-time, so you can watch levels change as you walk around your home or measure devices from various distances. And it couldn’t be easier to use — simply set it to the desired measurement type and watch it go.

Parting words

There are many EMF protection products on the market, and our list is by no means exhaustive. Still, it’s a great place to start looking for your next piece of protective gear.

Adam Short

What started out as an intention to protect my family from the dangers of EMF radiation has turned into a mission to share my research with as many people as possible. Despite the ever-increasing threat of EMF, there are many ways to keep ourselves protected. Knowledge is power!

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