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The Best EMF Radiation Blocking Underwear of 2021

EMF Radiation Blocking Underwear
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EMF radiation can cause a number of health issues, not the least of which is infertility in men and miscarriages in pregnant women. This problem is exacerbated by our natural tendency to hold radiation-producing devices such as cell phones and laptops near — or even resting on — the body as we use them. Putting these devices in close proximity to sensitive reproductive organs can certainly lead to problems.

Of course, the best solution is to change that behavior. But that is not always easy or possible. Holding your phone far away from your body as you text or type out an email, for example, is awkward and uncomfortable. And if you often find yourself having to do work on your laptop while out and about, setting the device on your lap is sometimes the only option.

One solution is to invest in radiation blocking underwear. Protective underwear helps shield your reproductive organs from EMF radiation exposure, helping to minimize any negative health effects. To learn more about what types of radiation blocking underwear are out there, check out our list below.

Best EMF radiation blocking underwear of 2021

Atmosure EMF Protection Boxer Briefs

10. Atmosure EMF Protection Boxer Briefs. These protective boxers from Atmosure are made from a blend of 53% cotton, 42% silver, and 5% nylon. They are designed to block 99% of the radiation from wireless devices such as cell phones and laptops, keeping your reproductive organs protected while you use your electronics. They feature a no-roll waistband that helps keep them securely in place, and the hypoallergenic material is both comfortable and breathable for all-day wearing. In addition to their anti-odor and antibacterial properties, these boxers are also machine washable. Atmosure backs their boxer briefs with a 100% money-back guarantee, as well, so trying them is relatively risk-free. They are stylish, discreet, and available in sizes small, medium, and large.

Amradield Long Underwear

9. Amradield Long Underwear. If you live in a cold climate, Amradield has options for you, too. Long underwear can keep you toasty warm when the temperatures drop, making them a must-have item for hunters, snow sports enthusiasts, and winter hikers. The one drawback is they aren’t usually EMF protective — with the exception of Amradield’s long underwear set. Made from 100% silver fiber knitting fabric, they have superior shielding abilities, attenuating frequencies between 10MHz and 18GHz. And while you may expect the silver fabric to be scratchy, Amradield’s long underwear is actually quite soft and comfortable. Available sizes range from medium to 3XL, and the top and bottom are sold separately. When caring for your long underwear, Amradield recommends hand washing them in cool water as infrequently as possible and allowing them to air dry.

UrGrading EMF Shielding Boxer Briefs

8. UrGarding EMF Shielding Boxer Briefs. UrGarding’s protective boxer briefs are a budget-friendly way to shield your reproductive organs from EMF radiation. They use a blend of 42% silver fiber, 53% cotton, and 5% nylon along the face of the boxers, providing substantial protection against EMF radiation. The pouch area is made from 100% cotton for added comfort, as well. UrGarding recommends hand washing and air drying these boxers before the first wear. After that point, the boxers should still only be hand-washed, but they may also be tumble dried on a low heat setting rather than hanging them to dry. It’s worth noting, though, that these do run a tad smaller than standard American sizing — the extra-large size, for example, fits a 35 to a 37-inch waist.

FONZ Anti EMF Radiation Shielding Underwear

7. FONZ Anti EMF Radiation Shielding Underwear. These boxer briefs from FONZ are lab tested and proven to shield against 99.99% of EMF radiation from a variety of sources, including 4G and 5G cell signals, WiFi, and dirty electricity. And they aren’t your typical cotton blend, either. FONZ’s boxers feature an organic bamboo exterior that is said to be even more breathable than cotton, while their FaradayTech pouch is made from silver infused fabric for added protection. They have a horizontal fly, and the no-roll waistband is covered in fabric to help avoid any chafing or discomfort around the waistline. Sweat absorbing and anti-odor, these boxers are perfect for all-day use. FONZ’s boxers are available in either grey or black and in sizes ranging from extra small to large.

A Nu Trend EMF Shielding Women’s Boxer Briefs

6. A Nu Trend EMF Shielding Women’s Boxer Briefs. Radiation blocking underwear isn’t just for men. A Nu Trend’s boxer briefs were designed with women in mind. The microfiber fabric is soft and comfortable, and shielding material was added to the front of the boxers to provide EMF protection where you need it the most. According to A Nu Trend, these boxers rely on the inverse square law that states the closer you are to a radiation source, the greater your exposure will be. At a distance of one meter, these boxers reduce your exposure to one-fourth of what it would have been otherwise. They shield against 90 to 99% of all EMF radiation up to 4GHz. They are also machine washable, although it is recommended not to iron or dry clean them. Available sizes range from small to extra large.

OURSURE Anti-Radiation Panties

5. OURSURE Anti-Radiation Panties. Another offering for women, OURSURE’s anti-radiation panties are a brief-style panty with lacy details and a silky feel. They look just like a normal pair of underwear, although they are anything but. These panties use a 100% silver-nylon blend fabric to provide maximum EMF shielding up to 3GHz. They also feature a cotton liner inside for added comfort. OURSURE’s panties are stretchy, comfortable, and provide full coverage. It’s worth noting that like many other protective products, these panties do best when hand washed only. If you are looking for EMF protective women’s underwear that looks and feels just like a traditional, silky pair, these fit the bill.

LVFEIER Radiation Resistant Underwear

4. LVFEIER Radiation Resistant Underwear. These discreet and stylish grey boxers from LVFEIER help shield you from frequencies between 10MHz and 3GHz. They are made from a blend of 25% silver fiber and 75% nylon spandex, resulting in a pair of boxers that are both highly protective, elastic, and comfortable. They also have thermal regulation properties to help keep excessive amounts of heat away if you place a laptop on your lap (which is still not recommended, but sometimes unavoidable). Breathable and lightweight, LVFEIER’s boxers are smooth against the skin and easy to machine wash on a gentle cycle. These are a great choice for anyone who needs a larger pair of boxers, as the available sizes range from XL to 3XL, with the 3XL versions able to accommodate a 29-43 inch waist circumference.

Amradield Men’s Boxer Briefs

3. Amradield Men’s Boxer Briefs. Earlier, we talked about Amradield’s long underwear. That isn’t all they make — their boxer briefs are another excellent offering from the brand. Relatively affordable and made from 100% silver fiber knitting fabric, it’s no wonder these are such a popular choice for radiation blocking underwear. They are breathable and soft and designed to block frequencies ranging from 10 MHz all the way up to 18 GHz. The manufacturer recommends hand-washing this underwear in cool water and allowing it to air dry rather than using a machine. Best of all, Amradield throws in a 100% satisfaction guarantee and full refunds are available within 30 days of your purchase.

AiSheYouPin Anti-Radiation Maternity Panties

2. AiSheYouPin Anti-Radiation Maternity Panties. If you’re expecting a little one anytime soon, you may be especially concerned with the effects of EMF radiation on your baby, both inside and outside of the womb. While pregnant, you can help keep them safe with these maternity panties from AiSheYouPin. Designed to go over a slight pregnancy bump, these panties are 99.9% effective at protecting against RF-EMF radiation. They are also silky, stylish, and, most important during pregnancy, they are comfortable. AiSheYouPin’s underwear are hand wash only and must be air-dried — the manufacturer recommends avoiding putting them in a washing machine or drier, or sending them off to be dry cleaned.

SYB Boxer Briefs

1. SYB Boxer Briefs. SYB has brought us a wide array of EMF protective products, including these boxer briefs. Made in Canada, these boxers shield against 99% of EMF radiation. Like other boxers on our lift, SYB uses silver fibers to attenuate radiation — they are made from 53% cotton, 42% silver, and 5% nylon. The silver fabric is used over the entire boxers, for maximum EMF protection. SYB recommends either machine washing these boxers on a delicate cycle or hand washing them to preserve their life even further. But if your boxers do break down over time, no worries — SYB also provides a lifetime warranty with each pair. Stretchable, antibacterial, anti-odor, and anti-microbial, SYB’s boxers have everything you need in a pair of underwear, in addition to stellar EMF protection. Their reputation for quality earns these boxers the number one spot on our list.

Parting thoughts

Radiation blocking underwear can be a bit of an investment, as can any piece of EMF protective clothing. But if you are struggling with an issue such as male infertility, or if you plan on trying to conceive soon, it is absolutely worth finding room in your budget. From protective boxer briefs to anti-radiation maternity underwear for pregnant women, there are many different types and styles of radiation blocking underwear out there to choose from.

Adam Short

What started out as an intention to protect my family from the dangers of EMF radiation has turned into a mission to share my research with as many people as possible. Despite the ever-increasing threat of EMF, there are many ways to keep ourselves protected. Knowledge is power!

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