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Top 30 Studies on EMF Radiation

EMF Radiation Studies
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When it comes to EMF radiation, the scientific literature is hard to ignore. To help drive that point home, let’s take a look at some of the more compelling pieces of research out there.

1. Researchers in Turkey found that female rats who were exposed to 900MHz EMF radiation during middle and late adolescence experienced cellular and biochemical changes to their ovaries. They also found that levels of oxidants and oxidative stress were much higher in the EMF-group than in the control group.

2. In 2015, an international team of researchers performing a literature review of a nationwide study in France concluded that cell phone radiation does cause brain tumors. For that reason, they recommended that RF-EMF radiation be re-classified from “possibly carcinogenic” to “probably carcinogenic”.

3. Another interesting study, this time by researchers in The Netherlands and UK. A group of 31 females with no underlying health conditions were exposed to RF-EMF radiation on a 15-minute cell phone call. It was found that the participants experienced enlarged cortical reactivity in the brain. What this means is that RF-EMF radiation does impact activity in the brain.

4. Korean researchers exposed certain types of mice to RF-EMF radiation frequently over an eight-month period. The goal was to determine what kind of effect RF-EMF radiation might have on neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s, and the results were actually encouraging. This study indicated that RF-EMF radiation may have an actual therapeutic benefit for patients with Alzheimer’s.

5. An article by a Spanish researcher cautioned that RF-EMF radiation may have a negative effect on birds and insects who rely on the Earth’s magnetic field for navigation. This effect may be most pronounced in highly developed urban areas, as well as in more rural spots near antennas and base stations.

6. A team of Swedish researchers measured RF-EMF radiation levels at an apartment located near a cell phone base station tower. They found unsafe levels of radiation present on the home’s balconies and in three of the bedrooms. For that reason, the researchers deemed the home unsafe for occupation.

7. In another Turkish study, researchers tested the effect of 2100 MHz RF-EMF radiation on the parotid gland of a group of rats. They did note some changes to the gland in the short-term, but more marked changes were noted after long-term exposure. The rats’ salivary glands were damaged by the radiation.

8. Chinese researchers looked at the circadian rhythms of rats who were exposed to 1.8GHz RF-EMF radiation. They determined these changes based on the effect of exposure on the levels of three different types of antioxidants. In the group of rats exposed to the radiation, levels decreased significantly.

9. One study by French and Hungarian researchers examined the effect of GSM mobile phones on brain waves. They did this using an EEG machine and exposing patients to EMF radiation in the 8 to 12 Hz range. It was found that this type of radiation does affect a human’s resting EEG.

10. In another study, researchers looked at embryonic development and exposure to RF-EMF radiation and nicotine. Embryos exposed to RF-EMF radiation alone experienced the least amount of damage. However, RF-EMF combined with nicotine seemed to cause the most damage, indicating that RF-EMFs could amplify the effects of nicotine or vice versa.

11. An Egyptian study measured the effects of RF-EMF radiation exposure on sperm motility, DNA fragmentation, and CLU gene expression. Researchers found that sperm that was exposed to radiation from a cell phone experienced a decrease in motility, an increase in DNA fragmentation, and an increase in CLU gene expression.

12. Biophysicists from Dicle University in Turkey attempted to find out if RF-EMF radiation had any impact on mRNA in the brain. They performed a study on rats, exposing them to 900 MHz RF-EMF radiation for three hours a day, seven days a week, for one year. Long-term results indicated that there was some alteration in the expression of mRNA, indicating that there is the potential for an impact on the human brain, as well.

13. Allergies and RF-EMF radiation don’t seem inherently related, but one study by Turkish researchers turns that notion upside down. Researchers exposed rats to RF-EMF radiation in the 2100 MHz range and then monitored the impact on their airways. They found that the radiation caused damage to the nasal septal mucosa, causing problems with mucociliary clearance.

14. One study looked at the levels of mobile phone exposure that could lead to brain tumors. Scientists found a correlation between RF-EMF exposure and brain tumors. This exposure was even noted at low to moderate levels, far below what is considered safe. The study’s researchers warned that based on their results, further studies are needed.

15. Another French study combed over results from the CERENAT, a nationwide study of mobile phone usage in France. Researchers found a statistically significant correlation between the development of gliomas and temporal tumors and mobile phone usage. It’s worth noting that in this study, the tumors were found at higher usage levels.

16. Croatian researchers examined the connection between cell oxidation and RF-EMF exposure– specifically at 1800 MHz. For reference, cell oxidation occurs when there are too many free radicals for the body to fight off. They found that different levels of RF-EMF radiation may restrict and impair the body’s ability to fight off free radicals.

17. Researchers from Taiwan looked at the impact of mobile phone use on children. A nationwide study examined health symptoms and mobile phone use. The study’s results indicated that at higher levels of mobile phone usage, children experienced more negative health effects such as headaches, migraines, and itchiness. Researchers also warned that children who were heavy mobile phone users may rack up dangerous levels of lifetime exposure.

18. An Iranian study investigated the impact of RF-EMF radiation from a mobile phone on the accuracy of a blood glucose monitor, a device used to help monitor and regulate blood sugar in those with diabetes. Researchers did note that there was significant amounts of electromagnetic interference, and for that reason, they recommended keeping mobile phones at least 50 centimeters away from a blood glucose monitor.

19. Sleep is imperative for the body’s healing. With that in mind, Egyptian researchers sought to determine the effect of EMF exposure on the EEG of sleeping rats. Both continuous and modulated EMFs were used in this study. Researchers noticed that REM sleep, in particular, was affected by the presence of ELF-EMFs.

20. One literature review looked at studies surrounding mobile phone usage and sperm quality. Researchers noted that multiple studies indicated exposure to RF-EMF radiation could negatively impact sperm motility and viability. The review concluded with researchers suggesting that storing a cell phone in a pants pocket could hurt sperm quality.

21. Another study examined the effect of GSM mobile phone radiation on cochlear development in unborn rats. The mothers were exposed to 900 and 1800 MHz radiation for one hour a day throughout their pregnancy. The newborns were then examined for hearing difficulties. There was some indication that structural damage to the rats’ cochlea had occurred due to radiation exposure.

22. Researchers speculated that exposure to cell phone radiation in the 900 MHz range could have an impact on the short-term memories of schoolchildren. To test their theory, they exposed young rats to radio waves for four hours per day for 15 days. The rats exhibited significant behavioral changes, including increased agitation and anxiety. They also were found to have neurodegenerative cells in their cerebral cortex after exposure.

23. Swedish researchers looked at the impact length of mobile phone usage had on the survival rates of patients with glioma. They discovered that those who had used a mobile phone for 20 years or more were not only more likely to develop glioma, but also to die from it. Due to the impact on survival rates, researchers urged the WHO’s IARC to reclassify RF-EMF as a human carcinogen.

24. Researchers have also found that fish are impacted by EMF radiation. The impact of ELF-EMF radiation on the growth and disease-resistance of rainbow trout was studied by Iranian researchers in 2015. They noted that certain frequencies of ELF-EMF radiation could negatively impact the rainbow trout’s overall growth and ability to withstand disease.

25. One study in the Netherlands looked at certain occupational hazards, including exposure to ELF-EMF radiation. Researchers noted that certain metals, chemicals, and ELF-EMF radiation all had a positive association between exposure and dementia. This link was particularly strong in men.

26. Miscarriages and EMF radiation have also been linked. One study examined a group of over 900 pregnant women and examined their exposure to magnetic fields. They found that the groups with the highest level of exposure also had the highest incidence of miscarriages.

27. Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) is a rare and deadly disease. Researchers wanted to find if there was a correlation between ALS and occupational exposure to ELF-EMF radiation. They performed a large-scale literature review of several studies. In their review, they found a consistent correlation between occupational ELF-EMF exposure and the development of ALS.

28. Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EHS) is an increasingly common condition in which sufferers experience a variety of unpleasant symptoms when exposed to RF-EMF radiation. One study looked at those with EHS and found that they often complained of the same basic ailments– difficulty sleeping, irritability, blurred vision, difficulty concentrating, and vertigo, among others.

29. Another study looked at the effect of GSM base stations on oxidative stress in rats. They found that when near GSM base stations (and experiencing levels of radiation exposure well within the legal limit,) antioxidant levels in rats were altered. Glutathione decreased while malondialdehyde levels rose.

30. French researchers looked at the effect of mobile phone base stations on those living nearby. They found that women were affected more than men, often complaining of many of the symptoms of EHS. The results indicated that those living less than 300 meters experienced much stronger symptoms than those who lived farther away. Researchers concluded that it is important for individuals to stay 300 feet away from cell phone base stations.

While more research is certainly warranted, the literature really does speak for itself. EMF radiation is potentially dangerous, and for that reason, it is worth avoiding. If you’re concerned, our definitive guide to whole house protection can shed some light on the steps you can take to safeguard your home and your family.

Top 30 Studies on EMF Radiation

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