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Home Security Systems and EMF: A Comprehensive Guide

Home Security Systems And EMF
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Introducing the safeguard of your sanctuary: your home security fortress. It bestows upon you the precious treasure of tranquility. Cutting-edge security systems grant you the power to glimpse into your abode in real-time, discern visitors before unlocking the door, track vital metrics like temperature, and even secure your entrance—all within your grasp, courtesy of your smartphone.

For many people, just thinking about living without a home security system can be scary. Whether you’ve had one for a long time or are thinking about getting one, there are some important things to think about.

You chose to deploy a security system to shield your loved ones. But what if this very system posed a threat to your well-being? What if the very apparatus meant to fortify your family actually inflicted long-lasting and substantial harm?

Alas, the truth unveils itself: such systems may indeed be responsible for such perils. EMF radiation, emitted by home security systems, has been correlated with an array of health ailments.

Fear not, for there exist countermeasures to diminish the risk of exposure for your cherished kin.

Understanding Home Security Systems

Home security systems, devices we trust to keep our homes and loved ones safe, have a fascinating history. From the rudimentary systems of old that used simple electrical circuits, we’ve evolved to systems that can be controlled from a phone halfway around the world.

Home Security Systems

There are several types of home security systems, including:

  • Wired security systems – These use physical wires to connect the sensors to the control panel.
  • Wireless security systems – These use radio waves, an example of EMFs, to connect the system. Here’s an excellent example of a popular wireless system on Amazon.
  • Smart home security systems – These systems are the latest evolution, incorporating IoT technology to offer remote control and real-time information.

The benefits of having a home security system are many, ranging from deterring burglars to alerting homeowners about fires or gas leaks.

Home Security Systems and EMF

Within the realm of home security systems, the emergence of EMF radiation manifests through various channels. When equipped with security cameras, the wireless transmission of data engenders the generation of radiofrequency (RF) EMF radiation. This phenomenon is particularly pronounced in systems utilizing WiFi or Bluetooth, as both are notorious for producing copious amounts of RF-EMF radiation. Additionally, the electronics nestled within the device itself, including sensors, contribute to the emission of extremely low frequency (ELF) EMF radiation. Both wired and wireless systems emit EMF radiation, and regrettably, low EMF alternatives have yet to materialize.

The realm of tranquility proffered by home security systems should not overshadow the importance of homeowners comprehending the perils associated with EMF radiation. Moreover, it becomes paramount to discern the available recourse.

Whether you currently possess a home security system or are contemplating its installation, peruse further to gain insights into the ramifications of EMF radiation and discover measures to curtail your family’s exposure risk.

ELF-EMF Radiation

The ominous specter of ELF-EMF radiation casts a shadow over our well-being, as it has been entangled with a myriad of grave health repercussions. Pertinent research illuminates a potential correlation between ELF-EMF radiation and childhood leukemia. For instance, a study by German scholars meticulously observed children afflicted with leukemia alongside healthy counterparts. Over a span of 24 hours, magnetic field readings were taken in each participant’s bedroom. Astonishingly, those classified as “highly exposed” demonstrated heightened occurrences of childhood leukemia. Although only a mere 1.5% met the threshold, rendering statistically insignificant results, the researchers aptly emphasized the need for further investigation into this subject.

In a separate study conducted by international researchers, concentrated EMF exposure was inflicted upon three cohorts of mice: pregnant females, non-pregnant females, and males. Pregnant females endured 50Hz frequency exposure at close proximity for twelve hours daily, spanning a week. Subsequently, their offspring were subjected to escalating radiation levels for ensuing weeks.

Alarming health ramifications unfolded. Female mice exhibited a notable surge in the risk of chronic myeloid leukemia development, while male mice suffered from fertility complications—a disconcerting revelation indeed.

Notably, the harrowing consequences of ELF-EMF exposure extend beyond leukemia, infiltrating the realm of neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s and ALS. Swedish researchers meticulously examined death certificates of welders and individuals working in vocations harboring intense ELF-EMF radiation exposure. The findings unveiled an unsettling pattern: Alzheimer’s and ALS emerged as causes of death with a frequency surpassing that of the general population.

These disquieting revelations illuminate the urgent need for comprehensive exploration into the intricate nexus between ELF-EMF radiation and our delicate well-being.

RF-EMF Radiation

RF-EMF radiation, originating from the transmissions of WiFi, Bluetooth, and other signal-transmitting devices, permeates our environment. Even certain electronics produce this type of radiation. Within the realm of your home security system, it is the wireless data transmission that serves as the primary source of RF-EMF radiation. Although most studies have focused on cell phones, it is reasonable to assume that any device emitting RF-EMF radiation would yield similar effects.

Electromagnetic Radiation

Research conducted in China encompassed a comprehensive meta-analysis of existing studies, investigating the correlation between mobile phone usage and the incidence of glioma—a rare and lethal form of brain cancer. After meticulously scrutinizing the available research on cell phones and glioma, they arrived at a significant association between long-term mobile phone use and the development of glioma.

Furthermore, a meticulous literature review delved into the intricate relationship between male fertility and RF-EMF exposure. A global cohort of scholars and researchers meticulously examined a plethora of research papers on RF-EMF exposure emanating from cell phones, laptops, and microwaves, and its impact on male fertility. Their analysis unequivocally affirmed that RF-EMF radiation significantly influenced sperm quality, motility, and quantity, thus culminating in fertility complications among men.

Testing Your System

TriField TF2To assess the EMF emissions of your existing home security system, an exploratory endeavor beckons. Pinpointing the precise radiation emanating from the security system amidst the amalgamation of other sources presents a challenge. However, utilizing an EMF meter emerges as the optimal approach to gauge your home’s EMF levels both with and without the security system.

A reliable option is the TriField TF2, renowned for its proficiency in detecting electric and magnetic fields, as well as radio frequencies—a perfect tool to unveil the radiation emitted by your home security system. The TF2’s precision and dependability warrant its price, assuring you that you have a valuable instrument to enhance your family’s safety.

Regardless of the chosen meter, it is imperative to unveil the extent of EMF radiation generated by your security system. Armed with your preferred meter, power on the security system and meticulously traverse your abode, recording readings in each room. Ideally, take measurements in proximity to sensors, cameras, and security equipment, as well as in the farthest corner of each room. Document all findings to ascertain the total EMF radiation present in your home.

Subsequently, deactivate the security system and repeat the same process, capturing measurements once again. These readings unveil the ambient EMF radiation levels in your home when the security system is inactive. By comparing the measurements from each room, you can identify any surges in radiation levels attributed to the security system.

This comprehensive assessment elucidates the problematic areas within your home. Armed with the recorded measurements, you can effectively mitigate your exposure to EMF radiation. While reducing your home’s EMF levels can be achieved without an EMF meter, knowledge of these hot spots greatly enhances your ability to protect your family from unnecessary radiation.

Reducing Your Exposure

To minimize the EMF levels in your home while utilizing a security system, various strategies can be implemented.

Leverage the insights gained from EMF meter measurements to strategically arrange each room. Identify the areas with the lowest EMF readings to position key elements like beds in bedrooms or couches in the living room. This becomes especially crucial for children’s rooms, as they are more vulnerable to the effects of EMF radiation. However, even adults can benefit from thoughtful furniture placement.

Consider arming the alarm of your home security system only when you are away. While this may not be feasible for everyone, keeping the alarm deactivated during the day can reduce your exposure. Ideally, the alarm should remain off at night when restorative sleep is paramount. Minimizing EMF exposure while in bed is essential.

Lowering the overall EMF radiation levels in your home is another effective approach to mitigate the risks of EMF radiation associated with the security system. Analogous to a bucket, where overflow leads to undesirable consequences, reducing exposure is key. Therefore, taking steps to minimize the home’s EMF radiation levels is crucial.

There are several actions you can take to achieve this. Consider replacing WiFi with wired internet, which not only provides a safer alternative but also offers faster and more reliable connectivity. If wireless internet is indispensable, invest in a high-quality WiFi router guard. Opting for incandescent light bulbs over LEDs and CFLs can also reduce EMF radiation emissions.

Installing dirty electricity filters across all circuits in your home is beneficial in diminishing ELF-EMF levels. This step is particularly valuable if you have numerous energy-efficient appliances or employ solar power. Furthermore, if your city employs a smart meter, painting the interior wall opposite the meter with two coats of EMF protection paint can provide added shielding.

These measures serve as a foundation for fortifying your home and reducing its overall EMF radiation levels. For those seeking holistic remedies, certain plants and crystals, such as cactus, black tourmaline, and shungite, are believed to absorb and neutralize EMF radiation.

If you are contemplating the installation of a home security system, opt for a hardwired model that can connect to the internet via an ethernet cable. Choose either a cellular network or landline connection, with the latter offering the lowest EMF radiation. Although a landline connection necessitates maintaining a separate landline, it ensures enhanced safety as cellular network connections generate significant RF-EMF radiation.

During the installation of your security system, carefully consider the placement of sensors and cameras. Whenever possible, position them away from beds, couches, and high-traffic areas. You may need to reconfigure a room to accommodate the sensors and other equipment.

Parting Words

In the pursuit of safeguarding your loved ones, home security systems prove to be an invaluable asset. However, it becomes imperative to shield your family not only from external threats but also from the potential harm posed by the security system itself. The cameras, electronics, and sensors embedded within emit substantial amounts of EMF radiation, which has been associated with various grave health issues, including male infertility, miscarriages, and glioma.

If you have already installed a home security system or find yourself in a situation where the benefits outweigh the risks, there are proactive measures you can take to mitigate the impact of EMF radiation. Embark on an informed journey by arming yourself with comprehensive knowledge and then take action accordingly, leveraging the steps outlined in this article as a foundation.

While we anticipate the emergence of lower-EMF alternatives in the future, explore models that utilize landline and ethernet connections. Established alarm companies like ADT often offer wired options that warrant consideration. Additionally, it is crucial to test your alarm using an EMF meter once installed and rearrange furniture away from high-EMF areas.

Undoubtedly, the installation of home security systems remains worthwhile. Nevertheless, it is equally important to adopt necessary precautions and safeguard your family against heightened EMF exposure. By implementing modifications to your home and lifestyle and engaging in diligent research, you can significantly lower your family’s overall EMF exposure.

Home Security Systems and EMF: A Comprehensive Guide


What started out as an intention to protect my family from the dangers of EMF radiation has turned into a mission to share my research with as many people as possible. Despite the ever-increasing threat of EMF, there are many ways to keep ourselves protected. Knowledge is power!

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