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How To Protect A House Near A Cell Phone Tower

House Near A Cell Phone Tower
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Unless you trek out into the wilderness, there is a strong probability that wherever you are, a cell tower is somewhere nearby. Even the most remote locations are becoming connected as more towers are built. This connectivity isn’t necessarily a bad thing — it allows rural communities better access to information and services, certainly. It has, however, left many more people with houses near a cell phone tower.

As you may know, cell towers produce radiofrequency waves, which are a form of EMF radiation. As cell companies rush to provide access to every corner of the globe, it begs the question: with so many people living near a cell phone tower, are there any negative consequences to such prolonged exposure? And what can you do about it?

In this guide, we’re going to cover the risks involved in living near a tower. We’ll also talk about what you can do to reduce the impact of cell tower exposure on your health.

If you aren’t sure whether there’s a cell tower nearby, we do have a step-by-step tutorial for locating 5G towers, as well as one for finding 4G towers.

Dangers of living in a house near a cell phone tower

One of the primary problems with cell towers, as with all forms of EMF radiation, is that the long-term effects of exposure haven’t been studied extensively. It’s hard to say definitively one way or the other whether exposure is safe because we really just don’t know. The radiofrequency waves produced by a cell tower lack the necessary energy to split an atom and are therefore generally regarded as safer than ionizing radiation. But that doesn’t mean they are safe.

The World Health Organization’s International Association for Research on Cancer regards RF-EMF radiation from any source as possibly carcinogenic to humans. The IARC came to this conclusion after reviewing the results of a study that showed a 40% risk for gliomas (a type of often fatal brain tumor) in those who used their phones 30 minutes per day on average for the course of the 10-year study.

There are a couple of problems with this. The first is that this study was done in the early 2000s when cell phone use was much different than it is today. Most people interact with their phones for well over 30 minutes per day, but not everyone is actually participating in a phone call.

Furthermore, the study is on RF-EMF radiation produced by a cell phone, not a tower. We interact with phones and towers very differently. A cell phone is held close to the body, where towers are generally at least a few feet away. RF-EMF radiation is very much subject to the rule of distances, so your exposure levels decrease substantially as you increase the distance between you and the source.

That being said, the literature that does exist surrounding cell towers indicates that they may still be problematic after extended periods of exposure, especially for those who suffer from Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity. If you’re curious to learn more, check out our guide to Cell Phone Tower Dangers.

What to do if your house is near a cell phone tower

Now that you know more about the potential dangers of cell phone towers, you may be wondering what you can do to protect yourself from one near your home.

The truth is, the single most effective option is to move. While it may seem like an extreme reaction, if you are suffering from debilitating EHS symptoms, it really isn’t. For many with EHS, exposure to cell phone towers, smart meters and other sources of EMF radiation present in a typical urban or suburban area can cause symptoms that make it nearly impossible to function. In that instance, moving to an area with less radiation present may be the only solution that truly provides relief.

The hard part is finding an area with less EMF radiation. Rural areas used to be safe, but, as we noted earlier, cell phone companies continue to put up new towers and expand their coverage areas. Places without signal still exist, but unless you’re able to move to a remote patch of desert, they are hard to get to.

With one exception: Green Bank, West Virginia.

This tiny town near the Virginia border is part of the National Radio Quiet Zone, a 13,000-square-mile area where radio signals are forbidden. The FCC established this zone in the 1950s because of a nearby high-powered radio telescope — a device used to listen to solar radiation coming into the Earth’s atmosphere from outer space. Radio signals cause interference, and so they are banned in this area.

Green Bank’s status as a dead zone has earned it a reputation as a sanctuary for those suffering from severe EHS.

If moving isn’t on the table for you and your family, there are some things you can do to at least reduce the effect of cell tower radiation.

EMF paint for a house near a cell phone tower

First, the goal is to keep as much cell tower radiation as possible from entering your home. One way to do this is by painting it with EMF paint.

You can do this one of two ways: apply paint to all the interior walls of your home, or paint over the exterior. EMF paint goes on black, but you are then able to paint over it with regular paint of any color, so it actually has very little effect on the overall look of your home.

There are a few different types of EMF paint on the market to choose from. Yshield is one of the best-selling brands out there– to learn more, see EMF Shielding Paint: A Quick Primer. Whichever brand of EMF paint you select, keep in mind that you will need to enlist the help of a licensed electrician to ground the paint.

Barriers between your house and the tower

Barriers are another way to keep cell tower radiation out of your home. You can create an EMF-resistant barrier to hang on a wall or window by using EMF protection fabric. Simply trim the fabric to the desired size and shape, and hang it up.

There are many different types of EMF fabric out there, so you can shop around for one that has a look and feel that matches your home. One great option for cell tower radiation, in particular, though, is Naturell’s EMF Shielding Fabric. For more, see the Top EMF Shielding Fabrics of 2022.


Even if you do everything possible to reduce the amount of cell tower radiation that enters your home, you still have to deal with the time that you spend outside of your house. Supplements can help your body better repair damage done by EMF radiation from cell towers and other sources.

There are a number of supplements to try. Ginseng, for example, is radioprotective and known to help ward off cancer and neurological problems. Selenium can reduce oxidative stress, something that cell towers are thought to cause. For more to try, head over to the Top 10 Anti Radiation Herbs and Supplements for EMF Protection.


Another thing to try is surrounding your home with plants, both inside and out. While more research is needed to truly determine their efficacy against EMF radiation, plants are well-known for their ability to remove toxins from the air while purifying it. While any plant may help, a few, in particular, may be most effective.

For outdoor plants, mums were examined in NASA’s Plants for Indoor Pollution Abatement Study and found to remove environmental toxins from the surrounding air. Sunflowers have also been used to remove ionizing radiation from the soil, and they may have an effect on non-ionizing radiation such as that produced by a cell tower, as well.

When it comes to indoor plants, a small cactus or aloe plant is a worthwhile investment. Not only can these plants help purify the air inside your home, but their condition helps an attentive plant owner recognize when unsafe levels of EMF radiation could be present. On aloe leaves, for example, brown spots can be indicative of EMF exposure.


Another step you may want to take, particularly when leaving the home, is to wear EMF protective clothing. It’s much more discreet than you may think — items such as EMF Shielding Solutions EMF Protection Cap and OURSURE’s Anti-Radiation Cami Tank Top look just like any other hat or tank top. If you need to spend an extended period of time outside, EMF protective clothing may just be your best bet.

For a few more clothing options, head over to EMF Protection Clothing: Your Complete Guide.

Reduce overall exposure

Lastly, reducing your overall cumulative exposure to EMF radiation may help, even if you can’t completely eliminate cell tower radiation from your life. Whole house protection involves a whole slew of activities, including switching from WiFi to wired internet and ditching newer light bulbs in favor of older, incandescent ones. To learn more, see Whole House EMF Protection: The Definitive Guide.

Final thoughts

Cell tower radiation is becoming more and more inescapable. Even those living in rural areas and finding that they live in a house near a cell phone tower. Moving is likely not a practical option, so at the very least, consider taking steps to protect yourself and your family from exposure. How To Protect A House Near A Cell Phone Tower

Adam Short

What started out as an intention to protect my family from the dangers of EMF radiation has turned into a mission to share my research with as many people as possible. Despite the ever-increasing threat of EMF, there are many ways to keep ourselves protected. Knowledge is power!

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