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Ten Best Laptop Radiation Shields for EMF Protection

Laptop Radiation Shields
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If you’re a visitor to this site, you probably know better than to set your laptop on your lap. Between the WiFi, Bluetooth, and ELF radiation, laptops emit a fair amount of EMF radiation and setting it on your body is the worst thing you can do.

Still, maybe you’re stuck at the airport during a layover and want to get some work done. There aren’t any tables available, so you find yourself working with your laptop on your lap. Or maybe you’re at home and want to sit on the couch while you use your computer. There are quite a few instances when, either out of convenience or necessity, you may find yourself with a laptop on your lap.

Does that mean you need to resign yourself to EMF exposure?

Not necessarily. The use of an EMF-shielding laptop pad can help block some, if not all, of your laptop’s radiation from reaching your body.

Best Laptop Shields for Radiation Protection

Manufacturers have taken note of the demand for EMF-shielding laptop pads and responded by creating a huge variety to choose from. Some of these pads are better than others, but if you’re in the market for a new laptop pad it can be difficult to differentiate between a good pad and a bad one, especially if you’re buying online.

To help make your decision easier, we’ve put together this list of the best laptop pads for EMF protection.

10. WaveWall Pad

WaveWall Pad

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The Anti-Radiation Laptop Pad from WaveWall is a thin laptop pad made of fabric and an inner layer of metal mesh. The metal mesh creates a protective barrier between your lap and your laptop, shielding you from EMF radiation. WaveWall states that independent testing has shown the pad blocks up to 87% of EMFs. The metal layer also helps protect you from the heat generated by your laptop.

WaveWall’s Anti-Radiation Laptop Pad comes in three different sizes: small, medium, and large. The large is designed to fit a 17” laptop, the medium fits a 15” device, and the small is ideal for 13” or smaller.

9. LVFEIER EMF Radiation Protection Laptop Pad

LVEIER EMF Radiation Protection Laptop Pad

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LVFEIER’s EMF Radiation Protection Laptop Pad helps guard against radiation from WiFi, Bluetooth, and your laptop’s electronics. This pad is heavy duty — it consists of three layers. The outer layer is made from a resin coating, and the base plate is made from aluminum alloy. The inner layer is a nickel-copper alloy and polyester blend.

Built for devices 14 inches or under, this laptop pad is on the smaller side. But the military-grade materials make it worth considering nonetheless. It’s also easily transportable, and quite sleek, at only .08 inches thick.

8. NewBeau EMF Protection Pad

NewBeau EMF Protection Pad

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This laptop pad from NewBeau features a non-slip surface to keep your laptop securely in place. The pad itself consists of four different layers, with the middle two being protective Faraday fabric and reinforced aluminum and vegan leather for the outer layers. The pad is ideal for any laptop 15″ or smaller.

The slim design and easy-to-clean surface make this laptop pad a convenient option for all-day laptop usage. And, since the fabric blocks heat in addition to EMF radiation, you can safely place this pad on your lap or anywhere else.

7. WOREMOR EMF Laptop Tray


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The next laptop tray on the list is by WOREMOR, a manufacturer of EMF protection paint. WOREMOR’s EMF Laptop Tray comes in a variety of stylish designs, ideal for home use or even in the office. These trays aren’t just pretty, however — they’re also pretty effective. The tray was constructed from materials tested in Germany and Canada for their EMF protection. As a result, WOREMOR states that their EMF Laptop Tray has a 99.99% shielding effectiveness against EMF radiation. The tray provides protection against heat, as well.

Similar to the Kico Bean Bag Tray, WOREMOR’s EMF Laptop Tray has a bean bag-esque bottom that fits comfortably on your lap. One standout feature of the tray is its buiit-in drink holder, perfect for your cup of coffee or water. The biggest drawback of the tray is its durability. Some reviewers noted that the bean bag part of the tray fell apart quicker than they would’ve liked.

6. HARApad EMF Protection Pad

HARApad EMF Protection Pad

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The HARApad EMF Protection Pad is a thin, lightweight pad that helps shield against EMF radiation. The pad does this by using military-grade materials that attract the EMF radiation generated by the electronics in a laptop or tablet. The radiation circulates through the pad and back into the device, thus reducing the user’s exposure.

HARApad’s EMF Protection Pad blocks against all forms of EMF radiation. The company does offer test results, as well. At a distance of a half-inch, the magnetic field around a laptop is 12mG. With the HARApad, that exposure is reduced to 1mG. This significant reduction in the magnetic field makes this a laptop pad worth considering.

5. Cova Grounding Computer Mat

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Some of the laptop pads on the market leave off one important feature: a mouse pad. If you find yourself in need of a mouse pad and want to maximize your protection from EMF radiation, there’s Cova’s Grounding Computer Mat.

For those unfamiliar with the concept of Earthing, also known as grounding, it’s simply the idea that we feel better when we make direct contact with the Earth. To do this indoors, one can use a grounding mat. Grounding mats also help protect the body from the effects of EMF radiation, making them a great choice for a laptop pad.

Cova’s Grounding Mat comes with a non-slip rubber surface and is made to provide EMF protection while helping the user connect with the Earth’s energy.

4. SafeSleeve EMF Protection Laptop Case and Mouse Pad

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SafeSleeve EMF Protection Laptop Case and Mouse Pad

SafeSleeve’s EMF Protection Laptop Case and Mouse Pad is an ultra-convenient product. The laptop case doubles as a laptop pad when the device is in use, and the mouse pad folds out. So not only are you shielded from EMF radiation when your laptop is in use, but the case is protecting your device while you’re on the go.

The EMF Protection Laptop Case and Mouse Pad are built from military-grade materials. The case was tested in an FCC-accredited laboratory and found to be 99% effective at shielding against RF-EMF radiation and 92% effective against ELF-EMF radiation. The pad also doubles as a heat shield, keeping your lap cool while your laptop is powered on. The case comes in two sizes: 13 inches and 15 inches.

If you’re looking for a laptop pad, case, and mouse pad that looks professional and keeps you safe from the harmful effects of EMF radiation, SafeSleeve’s EMF PRotection Laptop Case and Mouse Pad are an excellent choice.

3. ProShield Radiation Free Laptop Tray

ProShield Radiation Free Laptop Tray

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The ProShield Radiation Free Laptop Tray is a simple laptop tray that shields against EMF radiation. And it does its job well. According to the manufacturer, it blocks up to 100% of RF and ELF-EMF radiation. The ProShield Radiation Free Laptop Tray even reduces heat emissions by 99%. ProShield does state that its laptop tray has been tested by independent laboratories around the world, as well, although at the time of this writing it was unclear which labs, in particular, had tested the product.

ProShield’s laptop tray is lightweight at 1.6 pounds, and easily portable. One drawback is that the tray only comes in a 14-inch size, so if you have a larger laptop this tray will not work for you.

2. SYB Laptop Pad

SYB Laptop Pad

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Shield Your Body, also known as SYB, is a trusted name in EMF radiation protection. So it’s no surprise that their laptop pad made this list. SYB’s laptop pad features an anti-slip exterior, along with an interior built from ferromagnetic steel and aluminum plating. Made with three different layers, this laptop pad is durable and highly protective.

When tested with consumer-grade EMF meters, SYB’s laptop pad blocked 92% of EMF radiation from WiFi, Bluetooth, and ELF. It also reduced heat emissions by 99%. SYB’s laptop pad is ultra-lightweight, at 1.38 pounds, and it is made entirely from toxin-free materials. The pad comes in two sizes: 14 inches and 17 inches.

1. DefenderShield DefenderPad

DefenderShield DefenderPad

>> Check price at DefenderShield

DefenderShield is another trusted name in EMF protection. If you’re looking for FCC-certified lab tested quality, look no further than the DefenderShield DefenderPad. The DefenderPad is suitable for laptops up to 17 inches and comes in a variety of colors. It shields against up to 100% of all forms of EMF radiation, actually absorbing the radiation so it is not deflected elsewhere. And, like other laptop pads on this list, it helps guard against heat emissions.

The DefenderPad is relatively risk-free, too. The laptop pad comes with a satisfaction guarantee, including a 30-day return policy and a one year warranty. Although it’s a little heavier than other pads on this list at 2.49 pounds, the DefenderPad is manufactured in the USA and built to last.

Considerations When Buying a Laptop Pad

Whether you stick with one of the options on this list or pick something else entirely, there are a few things you should keep in mind when purchasing your new laptop pad.

Make sure the pad you want is the right size for the laptop you have. Some pads only come in one size, and a 14-inch pad might not fit your 17-inch laptop very comfortably. Likewise, make sure the laptop pad you choose is a good design for its environment — if you need to use it at work, for example, make sure the design is one you are comfortable bringing to the office. Some trays are more lightweight than others, as well, so if portability is a concern you may want to pay special attention to the product’s weight.

You should also decide what kind of material you want. Some pads come with soft bean bag cushions underneath, while others are made from a more solid material. One isn’t necessarily better than the other — rather, it boils down to personal preference.

One important consideration for anyone reading this article is EMF protection and, on a related note, the product’s return policy. If the manufacturer is claiming that the product shields against EMF radiation, it’s a good idea to verify their claims. If you have an EMF meter capable of detecting ELF and RF radiation, you can use that to check your exposure with and without the laptop pad. If you don’t have an EMF meter, the Trifield TF2 an excellent option. It’s capable of detecting all forms of EMF radiation and is a highly useful purchase.

If you find that the laptop pad does not adequately shield you from EMF radiation, return it and find a new one. There are plenty of quality products on the market that really do work, including the options on our list.

Final thoughts

After reading through our list, you should have a solid idea of what laptop pad is right for you. The next step is to make sure you use the pad, every time you use your laptop.

An EMF-shielding laptop pad is a highly worthwhile purchase for anyone who regularly uses a laptop. It’s unrealistic to expect that you will never use the laptop on your lap. Even if you set your laptop on a desk, you can easily place a laptop pad underneath your laptop for extra protection. EMF-shielding laptop trays tend to be durable and come in a variety of prices for any budget. Additionally, they are a great way to invest in your health. Ten Best Laptop Radiation Shields for EMF Protection

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What started out as an intention to protect my family from the dangers of EMF radiation has turned into a mission to share my research with as many people as possible. Despite the ever-increasing threat of EMF, there are many ways to keep ourselves protected. Knowledge is power!

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