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5 TVs to Consider To Lower Your EMF Exposure

5 TVs To Consider To Lower Your EMF Exposure
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For many of us, it’s hard to imagine life without our televisions. We gather around them to watch movies, sports, play games, and be entertained. TV has the ability to transport us to new locations, engross us in storylines and plots, and leave us on the edge of our seats.

In my time, I’ve noticed that TV sets have become increasingly sophisticated with a plethora of features. For instance, Smart TVs make it possible to access apps like Netflix or Disney+ with just the touch of a button. Although these advanced features are certainly enjoyable and convenient, they also have their downsides. Smart TVs require either a WiFi or Bluetooth signal to connect to devices and apps, both of which emit RF-EMF radiation.

Modern TVs

Recognized by the World Health Organization’s International Association for Research on Cancer as possibly carcinogenic to humans, RF-EMF radiation has been tied to a number of serious health concerns. It has been linked to glioma, for example, as well as male infertility. And for sufferers of Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EHS), being near any source of RF-EMF radiation can cause an array of uncomfortable and sometimes debilitating symptoms.

If I’m EMF-conscious or am looking to reduce my exposure for health reasons, I’m better off avoiding smart TVs altogether. But that doesn’t mean I’m doomed to a life of missing out on my favorite TV shows. There are television sets out there that may not be as feature-rich as my average smart TV, but that also produce much less EMF radiation as they do not make use of WiFi or Bluetooth.

I should note that going completely old school and using cathode ray TV sets is not the solution either. These TV sets pose a different problem as they generate x-ray radiation, which can be just as harmful as EMFs. The topic of TV sets and radiation is covered in-depth in our article TV Sets and Radiation: What You Should Know. It seems that the ideal solution lies in modern flat screens that lack internet connectivity to minimize radiation exposure.

Best Low EMF TVs

To find out the different options, read on.

5. Hisense Class H55 Series Smart TV

Hisense Class H55 Series Smart TV

You may be curious about why a smart TV is included in a low EMF TVs list. However, there is a way to bring smart TV technology to your home without having to rely on WiFi. Some televisions, including this one, allow you to connect to the internet via an Ethernet cable. Hardwired internet produces much less EMF radiation compared to WiFi, making it a safer option. The H55 also has built-in WiFi, but with an Ethernet port, you can choose to use hardwired connectivity instead. This TV boasts an HD 720p display, two built-in 7-watt speakers, and is even compatible with Google Assistant.

4. LG 24-Inch HDTV

LG 24-Inch HDTV

I highly recommend LG’s 24-Inch HDTV. With HDMI input and advanced image processing through the Triple XD Engine, this TV offers a superior display in a compact size. The built-in screw holes make wall mounting a breeze, while the stand assembly provides stability on a flat surface. Although it only offers 720p resolution, it is more than enough for most needs. Additionally, LG offers a one year extended protection plan and full warranty to ensure your peace of mind.

3. Supersonic SC-1311 LED Widescreen TV

Supersonic SC-1311 LED Widescreen TV

With sizes ranging from 13-inches to 40-inches, this TV can fit in just about any space. The 1080p resolution produces a clear and crisp image, with the added bonus of digital noise reduction and different picture modes. This TV is not smart, but it does come equipped with HDMI, USB, and AC ports, allowing you to connect to your favorite devices such as a Firestick or gaming console. Additionally, it can be used as a computer monitor using the HDMI connection. Although Supersonic may not be a well-known brand, they have been in the industry for over 30 years, so they certainly have some expertise in televisions.

2. Sceptre UTV LED TV

Sceptre UTV LED TV

If you’re in need of a larger TV set but want to keep EMF radiation levels low, the Sceptre UTV LED TV may be a great option for you. It has a 50″ screen with 4K resolution, making it a great choice for larger rooms. The TV uses Motion Estimation and Motion Compensation technology to provide smooth transitions and an excellent viewing experience. What’s more, the TV does not have WiFi capabilities or an Ethernet port, resulting in lower EMF radiation levels and a more affordable price tag compared to larger Smart TVs.

1. Westinghouse 60Hz LED HD TV

Westinghouse 60Hz LED HD TV

I really like the Westinghouse 60Hz LED HD TV. I know it’s a well-respected brand that has been around since 1886. This TV comes in several sizes, including 19-inch and 32-inch, which I think is perfect for most rooms. What impresses me the most is the picture quality of this 720p resolution TV set. I can connect it to VGA, USB, and HDMI, and it has digital tuner connectivity. As a parent, I appreciate the built-in V-chip that helps me restrict questionable channels or shows from my children.

Tips for Purchasing Low EMF TVs

As someone who is concerned about EMF radiation, I understand the importance of finding a low EMF tv. There are a few things I can keep in mind during my search for a television with lower EMF output.

  • Firstly, it’s important to note that lower wattage TVs may produce less radiation than higher wattage models. However, it’s still a good idea to install a dirty electricity filter on the circuit that my television is connected to, as energy-efficient appliances are more likely to generate dirty electricity.
  • Another factor to consider when looking for a low EMF television is screen size. It’s best to choose the smallest screen that still allows for comfortable viewing from a good distance away, around ten feet or so. This distance helps to reduce exposure to EMF radiation while still allowing me to enjoy my favorite shows. If the screen is too small, I may be tempted to sit closer to the television, which would increase my exposure to EMF radiation.
  • I should also consider the features of the television set when looking for a low EMF option. Generally, the more basic the television, the better. Smart TVs, in particular, should be avoided if possible, as they are designed to connect to the internet via WiFi or Bluetooth, which increases EMF radiation exposure. If I do choose to purchase a smart TV, I should try to find a model that allows me to disable these features. However, it’s important to note that this is not always possible and may require modifications to the television’s hardware. As such, it may be easier to avoid smart TV models altogether.
smart TVs

Ultimately, when searching for a low EMF television, I should consider factors such as wattage, screen size, and features. By being mindful of these factors, I can reduce my exposure to harmful radiation while still enjoying my favorite shows and movies.

Testing Your Low EMF TVs

Concerned about the EMF radiation emitted by your TV? Testing its levels using an EMF meter is a simple and effective way to assess the situation. Start by unplugging the TV and taking a reading directly in front of the device and your usual seating area while watching it. The TriField TF2 is an excellent EMF meter for this purpose.

TriField TF2

Next, plug the TV back in without turning it on and repeat the measurement process. Finally, turn the TV on and take measurements again. This process helps determine the radiation levels while on standby and powered on. If levels are too high, adjust your distance from the TV or make changes in the room accordingly.

Note that TV manufacturers often don’t provide information on EMF radiation, so measuring levels yourself is crucial. The TriField TF2 is a reliable entry-level meter detecting all three forms of EMF radiation. For other options, check out The Best EMF Meters For Any Budget guide.

Although testing EMF radiation levels may feel overwhelming, it’s a vital step in creating a safe and healthy living space. By measuring your TV’s radiation levels and taking steps to reduce exposure, you can create a safer and more comfortable environment for you and your family.

Final thoughts

When it comes to my health and TV usage, I don’t have to make any sacrifices. I can still enjoy watching TV without compromising my health. By purchasing a standard, non-connected flat screen, I can limit my exposure to EMF radiation. Additionally, by following some basic safety tips, I can ensure that I am protecting my health while still enjoying my favorite shows. For example, sitting too close to the TV can increase my exposure to EMF radiation, so I can make sure to position my seating area at a safe distance from the unit. By taking these simple steps, I can continue to watch TV without worrying about the potential health risks associated with excessive EMF radiation exposure.


What started out as an intention to protect my family from the dangers of EMF radiation has turned into a mission to share my research with as many people as possible. Despite the ever-increasing threat of EMF, there are many ways to keep ourselves protected. Knowledge is power!

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