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Orgonite and EMF Radiation: A Deep Dive

Orgonite For EMF Radiation
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Orgonite pyramids and other products are commonly advertised as protective against EMF radiation. For anyone looking to reduce their exposure, simply placing a few Orgonite pieces around the home may seem like a temptingly quick fix. But is this miracle rock too good to be true?

We’re going to attempt to answer that question with a deep dive into Orgonite. We’ll look at what it is, its EMF protective properties, and if it really works.

What is Orgonite?

Orgonite is a manmade element, commonly found in metaphysical stores. It is believed to have a number of purifying properties, including EMF protection. Because orgonite hasn’t been extensively studied for this or any other purpose, however, it’s difficult to determine what it is really capable of.

Some may refer to Orgonite as a rock or mineral, but this is somewhat misleading. Orgonite is actually a blend of resin and metal shavings. As a general rule of thumb, Orgonite should be roughly 50% resin and 50% metal shavings — anyone can make it. Common metal shavings used include silver and copper. Orgonite is also frequently mixed with other protective stones such as Black Tourmaline and Shungite.

Orgonite was first invented by Wilhelm Reich in the 1930s. Reich had studied under renowned psychiatrist Sigmund Freud, and he developed a theory surrounding what Freud called the libido — the intrinsic motivator behind all of our actions and emotions. Reich proposed that this libido was actually physical, measurable energy that pulsated through everything.

This energy is sometimes called chi or prana, and it is an important part of many Eastern philosophies. Reich referred to it as Orgone, and he set out to prove its existence by observing Orgone under a microscope. He claimed to see a blue glow when studying living matter, and considered this proof of Orgone.

The problem with Reich’s discovery is that it has never been scientifically replicated. Reich was the only one to have seen the blue glow. Still, many people swear by his creation — Orgonite. The presence of Orgonite is said to balance chakras, purify the air, and raise your vibrations.

Orgonite and EMF protection

The element Orgonite is also said to protect against EMF radiation, possibly because of its purifying properties. The reality is, however, this claim has not been studied enough to verify its accuracy.

Even still, there is some compelling anecdotal evidence. Consider the following video:

At first, when the fan is plugged in, the EMF level shoots up. When a piece of what looks like Selenite or Quartz is placed next to the power strip, the level remains unchanged. At one point it even seems to increase. Then, when the Orgonite necklace is placed next to the power strip and meter, the levels instantly drop.

This video appears to support the notion that Orgonite can decrease the amount of EMF radiation produced by a device. Another explanation is that the metal in the Orgonite piece is simply serving a grounding purpose, providing EMF radiation with a place to go other than the atmosphere. If that is the case, simply wearing an Orgonite necklace may not offer much protection, except for the small area of your body directly touching the Orgonite.

Products to consider

Ultimately, given the currently available information, there is no way to know whether Orgonite is an effective protector against EMF radiation. If you’re curious, it’s usually fairly inexpensive and there’s not much risk involved in giving it a try. So with that being said, let’s take a look at a few products containing Orgonite.

432Oneness’ Orgonite EMF Protection Disc

This product resembles your typical anti-EMF cell phone sticker. The difference is that it’s actually a stone disc, made from an Orgonite blend including Black Tourmaline, Shungite, Copper, Silver, Selenite, and Quartz. All you need to do is stick this to the back of your phone or another device. The combination of metals is said to significantly reduce the device’s output of EMF radiation. Reviewers loved the quality and craftsmanship of the disc, as well.

Ezina Designs Metatron Cube Necklace

If you’re interested in an Orgonite necklace, this is an attractive option that comes in a number of different designs. It features an adjustable cord, and is made from the seven chakra stones (which include Lapis Lazuli, Amethyst, Red Jasper, and others,) as well as copper. The manufacturer even claims that the stones are purified in Alaskan Glacier water.

Orgonite Crystal Orgone Pyramid

An Orgonite pyramid may be a good option for anyone looking for protection at home. This particular pyramid is crafted from Black Tourmaline, Copper, and other chakra-balancing stones. The manufacturer states that its Orgonite is made using the same process as Wilhelm Reich used, using certified materials.

Orgonite Crystal Orgone Pyramid

Another interesting Orgonite product is the water charging plate from Orgonite Crystal. This place is intended to be filled with water and put in nature, to help purify and detoxify your drinking water. It contains Orgonite made from Black Tourmaline, resin, and copper.

The bottom line

Orgonite may or may not be an effective protector against EMF radiation — the evidence simply isn’t there to say one way or another. Only you can determine if Orgonite products are worth trying in your home. Orgonite and EMF Radiation: A Deep Dive

Adam Short

What started out as an intention to protect my family from the dangers of EMF radiation has turned into a mission to share my research with as many people as possible. Despite the ever-increasing threat of EMF, there are many ways to keep ourselves protected. Knowledge is power!

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