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The Best Ways To Reduce Cell Phone Radiation

The Best Ways To Reduce Cell Phone Radiation
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Cell phones are all around us. Most of us carry at least one, if not more, using separate devices for work and personal reasons. They are a way of life, and getting rid of them is simply incomprehensible for many.

In spite of this, there is mounting evidence that cell phone radiation may be hazardous to our health. Cell phone radiation is better known as radio frequency (RF) electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation. This type of radiation is classified as possibly carcinogenic to humans by the World Health Organization’s International Association for Research on Cancer.

To learn more about the dangers of cell phones, see Cell Phone Radiation Protection: The Definitive Guide.

For now, however, we are going to focus on specific steps you can take to co-exist safely with your cell phone. There are multiple protective products on the market, as well as lifestyle changes, that can greatly reduce your exposure and allow you to use your phone as safely as possible.

All that said, let’s take a look at some of the best ways to shield yourself from cell phone radiation.

Use a protective case

The concept behind protective phone cases is pretty straightforward. It is a case that fits around your phone and attenuates (or reduces) some of its EMF radiation output. These cases come in a variety of sizes, colors, and styles. Most have a protective flap that goes over your phone’s screen when not in use, offering protection on most sides of the device. Some cases have built-in wallets, kickstands, and other features, as well, just as a more traditional, non-protective case. It’s worth noting that with cell phone cases, they don’t always protect during use — rather, they make carrying your phone around safer.

There are many varieties on the market, and the right case for you depends on what features you are looking for, as well as your cell phone model. Manufacturer DefenderShield has a reputation for producing high-quality cell phone cases for a variety of different cell phones, including a universal case option. Their cases are made from vegan leather and feature RFID-protected card slots and a wrist strap.

For more protective cases, see The 6 Best EMF Protection Cell Phone Cases.

Try a Faraday bag

Cases aren’t the only way you can protect yourself from cell phone radiation while your device is not in use. If you already have a case you like, or you just want some extra protection, you could always use a Faraday bag.

Faraday bags are based on the concept of Faraday cages. Invented by Michael Faraday, these cages are made from a conductive material that blocks electromagnetic radiation. When you put an EMF-producing device, such as a cell phone, inside a Faraday cage (or bag), it prevents a certain percentage of the electromagnetic radiation from seeping out.

Storing your cell phone in a Faraday bag, then, could allow you to carry your phone with you without exposing yourself to EMF radiation. The advantage of a Faraday bag over the case is that the exposure reduction is essentially 100%, whereas with the case there is still some EMF radiation generated. Conversely, cases are also able to maintain your cellular reception, while Faraday bags block any incoming signals.

If you’re interested in a Faraday bag, Mission Darkness sells its MOLLE Faraday Pouch. Made from military-grade materials, this pouch is large enough to fit most cell phones along with a few extra items such as your keyfob and credit cards.

Invest in a wired headset

Talking on the phone is one of the riskier activities you can do with your cell phone. It requires you to hold the device next to your head for an extended period of time. Radiation exposure is higher the closer you are to the source, so you are putting the maximum amount of radiation produced by your cell phone directly next to your brain. This, perhaps, is why glioma, a rare type of brain tumor, is one of the potential health effects of prolonged cell phone usage.

One thing you can do to converse more safely is to use a headset. Any while headset is better than nothing, wireless earbuds use Bluetooth to connect to your phone. Bluetooth is another source of RF-EMF radiation, and putting a Bluetooth receiver inside of or next to your ear may cause health issues of its own.

The better bet is to use wired earbuds. Traditional models do produce some amount of ELF-EMF radiation, but this can be mitigated using SYB’s Headset Anti Radiation Device. Your headset plugs into the device’s jack, and another cord then runs from the H.A.R.D. unit to your phone, absorbing any EMF radiation in the process.

Another option is to use an air tube headset. DefenderShield also makes a great one of these — their EMF Free Earbuds. Designed to reduce EMF production by 100%, these earbuds were created to provide maximum safety without compromising sound quality. For other air tubes, check out the 10 Best Air Tube Headsets of 2022.

Store your phone away from your body

As we alluded to earlier, EMF radiation levels are higher the closer to the source you are. Consider, then, what effect it might have if you frequently store your cell phone in your pants pocket.

Most pants are not exceptionally thick. This makes it likely that you aren’t able to maintain much distance at all between your body and the phone when it is stored this way. And, since the phone is directly next to your reproductive organs, that is the part of your body most likely to be affected by the EMF radiation.

The next question, then, is what effect EMF radiation can have on reproductive organs. It turns out, quite a bit. EMF radiation exposure has been linked to alterations in sperm motility, morphology, and quantity. In short, there is the possibility that EMF radiation can lead to male infertility. We dive deeper into this subject in Can EMF Lead To Male Infertility?

Turn off the phone at night

This option may not be realistic for those who are on call or who need to stay available 24/7 for other reasons. If you can swing it, however, try turning your cell phone off at night, or at least into airplane mode.

The benefits of doing this are numerous. Our bodies do the bulk of their healing at night as we rest, making it critical to reduce our EMF radiation exposure during those vulnerable hours as much as possible. Turning your cell phone off drastically reduces the amount of EMF radiation in your immediate vicinity.

Furthermore, cell phones are notorious for their production of blue light. Blue light disrupts the body’s natural production of melatonin, a sleep chemical. When we use our cell phones before bed, it can actually keep us awake longer. Turning your cell phone off at a certain time each night may help prevent you from engaging with the device before bed. This, in turn, could lead to better quality sleep.

Download and disconnect whenever possible

If you often find yourself listening to music or watching downloadable videos, consider doing just that — downloading your activities whenever possible. If you are doing something on the phone that is downloaded and doesn’t require an active connection, you can then go into airplane mode.

This may be inconvenient, but it keeps your phone from producing quite as much EMF radiation while you are holding it closer to your body. This isn’t an option for every activity, but it’s still a useful trick for reducing your overall exposure.

Make use of protective stickers

There are quite a few anti-radiation stickers on the market. These are devices that you simply stick to the back of your cell phone. Some claim to reduce the phone’s EMF exposure, others say they neutralize the EMF energies, and there are even those that say they change the properties of the EMF radiation so that they are no longer harmful to the body.

Whichever type of sticker you choose, keep in mind that not all of these claims have been verified. There is very little scientific evidence regarding protective stickers out there — you may have to simply try the product and see what you think for yourself.

One example of an EMF sticker is Aulterra’s Neutralizer. According to Aulterra, this sticker, after being placed on the back of your cell phone, changes the physical structure of your phone’s electromagnetic frequencies. As a result, these frequencies no longer pose any threat to your health.

For more stickers, see Anti-Radiation Stickers: The Complete Guide.

Consider crystals

For years, crystals have been used for purposes as wide-ranging as body detoxification and protection. There are seemingly hundreds of different crystals and stones out there, all with unique benefits and qualities.

Some of these crystals may even help with EMF radiation from your cell phone. For example, 432Oneness sells an EMF Protection Disk made from orgone. Orgone is a blend of several different stones — in this case, black tourmaline, shungite, silica, quartz, copper, and selenite, among others. This orgone disk affixes to the back of your cell phone, just like the anti-radiation stickers we mentioned earlier.

In addition to orgone, elite shungite, black tourmaline, hematite, and pyrite are all thought to have potential protective properties against EMF radiation.

To learn more about crystals, see the Top 10 EMF Protection Crystals.

Final thoughts

There is mounting evidence that cell phone radiation is dangerous. That doesn’t, however, mean you need to ditch your cell phone. The protective measures outlined in this guide can go a long way towards keeping you safe as you use your phone.

Adam Short

What started out as an intention to protect my family from the dangers of EMF radiation has turned into a mission to share my research with as many people as possible. Despite the ever-increasing threat of EMF, there are many ways to keep ourselves protected. Knowledge is power!

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