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Top 10 EMF Shielding Blankets

EMF Shielding Blankets
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EMF shielding blankets offer you protection from EMF radiation. They give you a great degree of versatility — you can use one as a comforter while you sleep, you can put it on your lap while you use your laptop or cell phone, and you can even use one as a protective baby blanket. EMF blankets are also great for protecting you from WiFi signals while you sleep at night, so this is something to think about if you plan to keep your router connected at night.

If you’re considering buying an EMF shielding blanket, sorting through all the options out there can be somewhat overwhelming. How do you even know if they work? Fortunately, we’ve put together a list of some of the more reliable options on the market. And if you decide to go with an option not listed here, you won’t want to miss the section on testing your blanket’s efficacy.

10. Woremor Earthing and EMF Shielding Blanket

Woremor Earthing and EMF Shielding Blanket

Woremor Earthing and EMF Protection Blanket protects against EMF radiation, and also provides a grounding connection to the Earth that can be used in Earthing. A relatively new concept, Earthing stems from the idea that the Earth is discharging energy (electrons, specifically,) and we can receive health benefits from directly absorbing that energy. That can be done either by making barefoot contact with the ground outside or by using conductive material inside. This blanket can serve as that grounding point.

9. SHYZ EMF Protection Blanket

SHYZ EMF Protection Blanket

SHYZ’s EMF Protection Blanket is one of the more fashionable EMF blankets on the market. It’s functional, too — the manufacturer claims it is capable of blocking out RF, electric, and magnetic field radiation. At approximately 37.5 by 49.5 inches, this blanket is a good size for a child’s blanket, or for setting on your lap under a laptop. SHYZ’s blanket works because it has a lining inside, made of either silver-ion or metal, depending on which option you choose.

8. Amradield Copper Fabric

Amradield Copper Fabric

Amradield’s Copper Fabric may not be a blanket in its pure form, but it can become one if you are crafty. This fabric pretty inexpensive and can be sewn into just about anything, including an EMF-repellant custom blanket. Copper is a great blocker of EMF radiation, blocking frequencies from 30MHz to 18GHz. It’s worth noting that this is primarily RF-range frequencies, but if your primary purpose is creating something to block you from laptop and cell phone radiation, this is a great, affordable option.

7. Breezy Baby Adult EMF Shielding Blanket

Breezy Baby Adult EMF Shielding Blanket

The Breezy Baby Adult EMF Blanket is lined with pure silver, and it’s advertised as being 99.9% effective at blocking out EMF radiation. This is one of the larger blankets out there, at 60”x78.” If you’re looking for an EMF-repellant comforter or something that you can really bundle up in, consider this blanket.

6. Amradield Faraday Fabric

Amradield Faraday Fabric

Amradield’s Faraday Fabric is made from a nickel-copper-polyester blend that makes it a little softer than straight copper fabric. This is another option that would require some effort on your part — you’d need to sew it into a blanket yourself or find someone to do it for you — but it’s much cheaper than buying a pre-made blanket. Amradield’s Faraday Fabric is able to attenuate frequencies ranging from 30MHz to 18GHz.

Reviewers have generally positive things to say about Amradield’s Faraday Fabric, as well. It’s capable of blocking WiFi signals, Bluetooth, and other sources of RF-EMF radiation.

5. Armshield Anti-Radiation Baby Blanket

Armshield Anti-Radiation Baby Blanket

If anyone in your family should have an EMF blanket, it should be the youngest one. Babies are especially vulnerable to the effects of EMF radiation, but a good blanket can help shield your little one. Armshield’s Anti-Radiation Baby Blanket is 30”x35”, making it the perfect size for a baby or small child. The blanket can also be used as a laptop pad. Made with 100% pure silver, the manufacturer claims the blanket is 99.9% effective at blocking EMF radiation.

4. TitanRF Faraday Fabric

TitanRF Faraday Fabric

TitanRF Faraday Fabric is military-grade fabric option for someone looking to create their own blanket, or even to create a shield for a router or smart meter. This Keystone Compliance-certified fabric is capable of attenuating signals ranging from 5-5,000MHz. It’s made from a blend of nickel, copper, and polyester, and it also comes with a free strip of Faraday tape.

It’s worth noting that an EMF blanket may lack the coziness of some of the silver-lined options. Still, if you’re on a budget and looking for something larger, this is one way to make these blankets more affordable.

3. SYB Baby Blanket

SYB Baby Blanket

If you’re looking for a baby blanket that is cute in addition to protective, consider SYB’s Baby Blanket. This blanket comes in blue, grey, or pink with white dots. Made from hypoallergenic cotton flannel with a silver woven in, SYB’s Baby Blanket is both cozy and 99% effective at blocking EMF radiation. It’s easy to clean, as well, since it is machine washable and can be tumble dried on low. Capable of blocking frequencies ranging from 10KHz to 2GHz, this blanket can block most RF frequencies, as well.

Reviewers commented on the softness of the blanket, as well as its overall effectiveness and its large size — 40”x32”. Functional and stylish, this blanket is the perfect choice for your baby’s nursery. Or, you can use it yourself as a lap pad to shield you from laptop or cell phone radiation.

2. Radia Smart Organic Protective Belly Pregnancy Blanket

Radia Smart Organic Protective Belly Pregnancy Blanket

Designed for use by women during pregnancy and as a baby blanket after birth, Radia Smart’s Protective Belly Pregnancy Blanket is made from soft, organic cotton and lined with silver, for 99.9% effectiveness at blocking EMF radiation. It’s lightweight, and reviewers loved both the look and feel. Like other blankets on this list, Radia Smart’s protective blanket shields primarily against RF-EMF radiation, with a range of 10MHz to 3GHz. It is also lab-certified, so you can rest easy knowing your blanket has been tested.

1. DefenderShield EMF Radiation Shielding Blanket

DefenderShield EMF Radiation Shielding Blanket

DefenderShield’s EMF Radiation Protection Blanket features multiple layers of shielding, and it advertises itself as being potentially 100% at blocking RF-EMF radiation from cell phones, Bluetooth, and WiFi. It is not conductive and therefore does not interfere with cell reception when nearby, as a copper blanket might. DefenderShield’s blanket was designed using FCC-certified technology and is made from 100% all-natural bamboo.

At 36”x35”, this is perfect for an infant, or for covering a pregnant belly. It’s described by reviewers as both cozy and effective.

Testing your blanket

Whether you’ve gone with one of options listed here, purchased a different one, or even made your own, it’s a good idea to test your blanket’s effectiveness. You can do this using an EMF meter capable of detecting frequencies in the RF range. Because most EMF shielding blankets only block RF-EMF radiation, in this instance, having an EMF meter capable of detecting ELF-EMF radiation isn’t absolutely necessary.

If you might use your meter for other measurements, however, it’s best to invest in one that can detect electric, magnetic, and RF radiation. We recommend the TriField TF2. This device can detect all three forms of EMF radiation, and its results are repeatable. The price may be a bit steep, but it’s worth it for the peace of mind, and for the ability to detect EMF frequencies around your home.

To perform this test, you’ll need your blanket, a cell phone or other WiFi or Bluetooth-enabled device, and an EMF meter. First, measure the EMF radiation near your device when it is powered on and active. Record the levels. Then, cover your device with the blanket, making sure it is completely wrapped in the material. Take your EMF meter and measure near the device again, this time while it is wrapped up. The second measurement should be significantly reduced — most blankets are advertised as being over 99% effective, so you should expect a 99% reduction in EMF exposure. Repeat this test with multiple devices and signals to ensure maximum effectiveness.

Parting Words

EMF radiation has become increasingly pervasive in recent years. As cell phones, WiFi, Bluetooth, and smart appliances have become more common, our exposure to EMF radiation has increased radically. It’s hard to deny that this has had some impact on public health, from increasing rates of brain cancer to fertility issues. Some have even reported nausea, itchiness, dizziness, and other unpleasant symptoms when in high-EMF areas.

One easy way you can protect yourself is to use an EMF shielding blanket. They can shield you while you sleep, keep your baby safe from baby monitor radiation, and serve as a buffer between you and your laptop. EMF blankets are multi-purpose and, when well-made, quite effective at blocking out RF signals. Even if you aren’t able to make any major changes to your home to combat EMF radiation, using an EMF blanket at night or when using RF-EMF producing devices will help reduce your overall exposure.

If you are looking for a new EMF shielding blanket, look for one that has been tested as being at least 99% effective at blocking signals. All the options on our list are a minimum of 99% effective, and several are even under $100. Purchasing an EMF blanket doesn’t have to break the bank.

Ideally, your EMF blanket would be used in conjunction with other lifestyle modifications to lower your overall EMF exposure. Every little bit helps, however, so even if this is just your first step towards lowering your exposure, purchasing an EMF blanket is a step worth taking. Top 10 EMF Shielding Blankets

Adam Short

What started out as an intention to protect my family from the dangers of EMF radiation has turned into a mission to share my research with as many people as possible. Despite the ever-increasing threat of EMF, there are many ways to keep ourselves protected. Knowledge is power!

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