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Top Five Dirty Electricity Filters

Dirty Electricity Filter
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In today’s world, the concern surrounding dirty electricity has reached unprecedented levels. Whether you rely on solar power or prioritize LED light bulbs, the presence of dirty electricity persists in almost every household. This concern amplifies as energy-efficient appliances and devices gain popularity. Unfortunately, reducing overall exposure to EMF radiation becomes a real challenge in such circumstances.

So, what steps can be taken?

The initial measure involves installing dirty electricity filters throughout your home. These filters effectively decrease the presence of dirty electricity, thereby reducing EMF levels. Many filters can be conveniently plugged directly into your wall outlet, effectively filtering the electricity on an entire circuit. Others are installed in your circuit breaker, providing comprehensive filtration for your entire home. Regardless of the type you choose, these filters serve as a formidable defense against the effects of dirty electricity. Consider installing one or two at your workplace as well, especially if you are particularly sensitive to electromagnetic fields.

Dirty Electricity

Understanding Dirty Electricity

Dirty electricity, in spite of its misleading name, does not pertain to hygiene concerns. Rather, it refers to the presence of unstable electrical frequencies that disrupt the purity of the electrical supply. Unlike the smooth and stable current that our devices require, dirty electricity is characterized by erratic voltage fluctuations and spikes. It can be likened to attempting to drink from a water fountain that unpredictably transforms into a forceful fire hose. The irregular and unpredictable nature of dirty electricity poses challenges for electronic devices and can have undesirable effects on their performance and longevity.

Top Dirty Electricity Filters

In today’s market, a plethora of options exist for dirty electricity filters. Before making a decision on which filter to install in your home, conducting thorough research is crucial. This step holds particular significance as these filters can be costly, often requiring the purchase of multiple units. With this in mind, our comprehensive ranking of dirty electricity filters was meticulously curated. We delved into product descriptions and customer reviews to provide you with a definitive list.

From renowned brands like Stetzerizer to Greenwave, we have carefully examined some of the most trusted names in dirty electricity filtration. Furthermore, our ranking includes a few lesser-known options that still deserve consideration.

If you are interested in equipping your home with effective dirty electricity filters, continue reading to gain a deeper understanding of each product.

5. Noxtak Stroom Master EMF Protection Dirty Electricity Filter

Noxtak Stroom Master EMF Protection Dirty Electricity FilterIntroducing Noxtak’s Stroom Master EMF Protection Dirty Electricity Filter—an innovative device designed to directly plug into your electric outlet. With the Stroom Master, you can conveniently connect your electronic devices directly to the filter. Notably, this device is equipped with an integrated 15 amp surge protector, ensuring the safety of your electronics alongside guarding against dirty electricity.

Featuring a small LED on/off indicator, the Stroom Master provides visual reassurance of its functioning status, although it’s important to note that LED lights themselves generate EMF radiation. Installation is straightforward: simply plug the device into the wall. To achieve optimal coverage, Noxtak recommends installing one Stroom Master per 194 square feet of your home, with a minimum of one unit per room. Additionally, it is advised to place a filter near high-EMF devices, such as your wireless router.

Remarkably, the Stroom Master effectively neutralizes dirty electricity without interfering with or blocking wireless signals. This is made possible through its patented Spiro technology, which utilizes nanotechnology to create a protective magnetic field that shields against EMF radiation, including dirty electricity, while still allowing wireless frequencies to pass through unobstructed.

4. Satic Power Perfect Box

Satic Power Perfect BoxSatic introduces the Power Perfect Box, a distinctive solution that sets itself apart from standard plug-in dirty electricity filters. Unlike filters that operate on a single outlet, this device offers comprehensive filtering capabilities throughout your entire home. The Power Perfect Box connects directly to your home’s main power supply, potentially requiring the assistance of a qualified electrician for installation. Although it involves a significant investment, costing over a thousand dollars, Satic assures that the Power Perfect Box will reduce energy consumption, resulting in long-term cost savings. According to Satic, the device can lower your electricity bill by 10 to 15%, essentially paying for itself over time.

If you have reservations about installing a device on your home’s breaker panel, rest assured that the Power Perfect Box is UL-listed. This certification indicates that it has undergone independent testing by a not-for-profit organization, confirming its compliance with specific safety standards. Additionally, Satic proudly manufactures its products in the USA.

The installation of a Satic Power Perfect Box offers numerous benefits. It acts as a whole-home surge protector, safeguarding your electronics from power surges. You can expect enhanced picture and sound quality on your TVs due to reduced electronic interference caused by dirty electricity. Moreover, the device reduces overall EMF levels in your home, which is especially advantageous for individuals who are electromagnetically sensitive.

The Power Perfect Box proves to be an excellent choice for homes with a significant number of circuits converging at a single circuit breaker. In such cases, the practicality of using multiple plug-in filters may be limited, making the Power Perfect Box a highly sensible solution.

3. Stetzerizer High-Frequency Electromagnetic Pollution Filter

Stetzerizer High Frequency Electromagnetic Pollution FilterStetzerizer introduces their High-Frequency Electromagnetic Pollution Filters, offering another plug-in style solution for combating dirty electricity. What sets Stetzerizer apart is their inclusion of a microsurge meter, which comes as part of a three-filter set. We will delve deeper into the usage of this meter later, but its incorporation into the set adds value to the product and makes it worth considering.

Notably, Stetzerizer’s dirty electricity filters do not feature a built-in outlet, which may be a drawback depending on your available outlet space. One option is to install the filter in one outlet and use the other to plug in a surge protector, thereby creating additional outlet space. The manufacturer highlights that many users have reported immediate improvements in their well-being after experiencing symptoms potentially associated with EMF exposure.

The quantity of filters needed relies on the size of your residence. Stetzerizer estimates that three filters are generally sufficient for most rooms, including home offices and bedrooms. However, if you have a significant number of EMF-producing devices, additional filters may be necessary. The microsurge meter can help determine if further filters are needed.

Using the High-Frequency Electromagnetic Pollution Filter can potentially extend the lifespan of your devices by ensuring the delivery of higher-quality electricity. Reviewers were pleasantly surprised by the filter’s effectiveness in reducing various symptoms, including agitation and brain fog. In addition to anecdotal evidence, several reviewers conducted tests using their microsurge meter and observed measurable differences with and without the filters installed.

2. Greenwave Dirty Electricity Filters

Greenwave Dirty Electricity FiltersGreenwave offers Dirty Electricity Filters that conveniently plug into the electrical outlets of your home. To ensure optimal coverage, it is recommended to install at least one filter in each room. Larger rooms or spaces with a higher concentration of EMF radiation may require additional filters. For instance, a home office with multiple EMF-generating devices could benefit from three or four filters. Greenwave provides the option to purchase filters individually or in packs. A kit designed for a three-bedroom home includes 16 filters and is priced at $448 (at the time of writing).

Each Greenwave Filter features an outlet, allowing you to easily plug in your devices. While the filter does not come with a built-in surge protector, you have the option to connect it to an external surge protector, which may be necessary for devices like TVs or computers.

Greenwave’s Dirty Electricity Filters are highly regarded for their quality. Numerous reputable reviews from individuals who have tested the filters using a dirty electricity meter attest to their effectiveness. Greenwave’s filters deliver on their promise by significantly reducing the levels of dirty electricity within your home, providing a valuable solution to combat this form of electromagnetic pollution.

1. Satic Pure Power Plug-In

Satic's Pure Power Plug-InSecuring another spot on our list is Satic’s Pure Power Plug-In, offering a unique approach to filtering dirty electricity. With one Pure Power Plug-In, you can effectively filter the dirty electricity on an entire circuit, making the number of units required dependent on your house’s wiring configuration. Like other plug-in filters, Satic’s dirty electricity filter features an outlet for conveniently connecting your devices. Each outlet also functions as a surge protector, reducing electronic interference and enhancing picture quality on your television.

While Satic’s Power Perfect Box is suitable for larger spaces, the Pure Power Plug-In is better suited for homes with only a few circuits. Similar to the Power Perfect Box, the Pure Power Plug-In helps lower overall energy consumption. According to the manufacturer, devices protected by the Pure Power Plug-In operate more efficiently, resulting in potential cost savings on your electric bill. Furthermore, this increased efficiency contributes to the extended lifespan of your appliances and other devices.

Although the Pure Power Plug-In has a higher initial price compared to other plug-in filters on the list, it utilizes a distinct technology that reduces electronic radiation, protects your devices, and emits no EMF radiation of its own. The cost-saving benefits over time make the investment worthwhile. Reviewers commend the Pure Power Plug-In for its overall effectiveness and its ability to reduce noise caused by electronic interference. All in all, this dirty electricity filter is definitely worth considering.

Is Your Filter Working?

Regardless of the option you select, it is crucial to test and ensure that your dirty electricity filter is working effectively and providing adequate filtration.

Broadband EMI Dirty Electricity Meter and Microsurge Meter

The most reliable way to test the functionality of your dirty electricity filter is by using a dedicated dirty electricity meter. Numerous meters are available on the market, with many manufacturers of dirty electricity filters offering their own meter models. For example, Greenwave provides the Broadband EMI Dirty Electricity Meter, while Stetzerizer offers the Microsurge Meter. Although both meters serve the same purpose, they may use different measurement standards.

To utilize your dirty electricity meter, plug it into an electrical outlet and record the reading. Then, connect your dirty electricity filter to the same circuit and repeat the measurement. Refer to the meter’s guide to determine the recommended “safe” range and ensure that your reading falls within that range. If the reading exceeds the desired range, it indicates that either your filter is not functioning properly or your circuit requires multiple filters. If feasible, add an additional filter to the circuit and repeat the measurement until the reading falls within the desired range.

TriField TF2While a dirty electricity meter is the most suitable tool for evaluating the performance of your filter, an EMF meter capable of detecting extra-low frequency (ELF) EMF radiation can also serve the purpose. The TriField TF2 is an excellent option, capable of detecting all three forms of EMF radiation, including ELF. After installing the filters, you should observe a significant reduction in your meter reading.

Repeat this process for each room in your home to ensure that you have an adequate number of filters installed on each circuit. This step is essential because it may reveal that a single filter is insufficient, and additional filters are required to effectively reduce exposure to harmful levels of ELF EMF radiation for your family’s safety.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Dirty Electricity Filter

Before making a purchase decision for a dirty electricity filter, there are important factors to consider, similar to buying a car or a new smartphone. First and foremost, ensure that the filter is compatible with your specific electrical system to guarantee proper installation and functionality. Additionally, assess the filter’s efficiency in effectively filtering out the unwanted electrical pollution or ‘dirt’ from your power supply. It is crucial to choose a reputable brand known for producing reliable and high-quality filters. Lastly, evaluate the cost-effectiveness of the filter, ensuring that it provides a good balance between its performance and price.

Final Thoughts

The rise of dirty electricity poses a growing threat as we embrace energy-efficient technologies and alternative power sources like solar energy. While these advancements are beneficial, they also generate excessive amounts of dirty electricity within our homes. Although it’s challenging to completely avoid exposure, dirty electricity filters offer a solution to mitigate the risks. By installing these filters, you can significantly reduce the presence of dirty electricity and the associated ELF EMF radiation in your home. Investing in a dirty electricity filter becomes a worthwhile consideration as it acts as a safeguard for your family’s well-being, despite the initial cost.


What started out as an intention to protect my family from the dangers of EMF radiation has turned into a mission to share my research with as many people as possible. Despite the ever-increasing threat of EMF, there are many ways to keep ourselves protected. Knowledge is power!

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