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Top Five Dirty Electricity Filters

Dirty Electricity Filter
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Dirty electricity is a huge concern these days. Whether you use solar power or just prefer LED light bulbs, dirty electricity is present in almost every home. This is becoming even truer as energy-efficient appliances and devices increase in popularity. Unfortunately, if you’re trying to reduce your overall exposure to EMF radiation, that can pose a real challenge.

So what can you do?

The first step is to install dirty electricity filters throughout your home. Dirty electricity filters are one way to reduce your home’s EMF levels by reducing the amount of dirty electricity present. Many plug directly into your wall outlet and filter the electricity on an entire circuit. Others are installed directly into your circuit breaker, and provide filtration for your entire home. Whichever kind you use, these filters are a powerful ally against dirty electricity. You may even want to install one or two at your office, particularly if you are electromagnetically sensitive.

Top Dirty Electricity Filters

There are an abundance of dirty electricity filters available on the market today. If you’re considering installing one of these filters in your home, it’s helpful to first do your research to determine which filter is best for you. This is an important step because they can be expensive and oftentimes you need to buy more than one. Our ranking of dirty electricity filters was created with that in mind. We’ve read through the product descriptions and reviews to come up with this definitive ranking of dirty electricity filters.

From Stetzerizer to Greenwave, we’ve looked at some of the most trusted names in dirty electricity filtration. There are even a few on this list you may not have heard of, but these newcomers are still worth considering.

If you’re looking to outfit your home with dirty electricity filters, read on to learn more.

5. Noxtak Stroom Master EMF Protection Dirty Electricity Filter

Noxtak Stroom Master EMF Protection Dirty Electricity Filter

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Noxtak’s Stroom Master EMF Protection Dirty Electricity Filter plugs directly into your electric outlet. You are then able to plug an item into the Stroom Master itself. And the device comes with an integrated 15 amp surge protector, so not only does it guard against dirty electricity, but it keeps your electronics safe, as well.

The Stroom Master features a small LED on/off indicator, so you know the device is functioning — one drawback of the device, given that LED lights generate EMF radiation. Installation is easy and simply involves plugging the device into the wall. Noxtak recommends installing one Stroom Master for every 194 square feet in your home, with a minimum of one per room. The manufacturer also suggests using a filter near any high-EMF devices, such as your wireless router.

Although the Stroom master helps neutralize dirty electricity, it does not interfere with or block any wireless signals. It’s able to do this through its patented Spiro technology. Spiro involves the use of nanotechnology to create a protective magnetic field that guards against EMF radiation, such as dirty electricity, while still allowing wireless frequencies to pass through.

4. Satic Power Perfect Box

Satic Power Perfect Box

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Satic’s Power Perfect Box is a little different than your standard plug-in dirty electricity filter. Instead of working on a single outlet, this device is capable of filtering dirty electricity throughout your entire home. The Satic Power Perfect Box hooks up to your home’s main power supply, so you may need to assist the help of a qualified electrician to install it. And it is a little bit of an investment — it will run you over a grand — but Satic promises the Power Perfect Box will reduce your energy consumption, saving you money in the long run. According to Satic, the device will lower your electricity bill by 10 to 15%, essentially paying for itself over time.

If you’re reluctant to install something on your home’s breaker panel, rest easy knowing that this is a UL-listed device. That means it has been independently tested by a not-for-profit company, and that the tests confirmed the product met certain safety standards. Satic also manufactures its products in the USA.

There are a number of benefits to installing a Satic Power Box. It acts as a whole-home surge protector, helping keep your electronics safe from power surges. You’ll enjoy better picture and sound quality on your TVs, due to less electronic interference from dirty electricity. And it reduces the overall levels of EMF in your home, which is particularly beneficial for those who are electromagnetically sensitive.

The Power Box is a great option for anyone living in a home with a large number of circuits meeting in one circuit breaker. In those instances, the number of plug-in filters required may be impractical and a Power Perfect Box can make a lot of sense.

3. Stetzerizer High-Frequency Electromagnetic Pollution Filter

Stetzerizer High Frequency Electromagnetic Pollution Filter

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Stetzerizer’s High-Frequency Electromagnetic Pollution Filters are another plug-in style dirty electricity filter. Stetzerizer sells its filters as part of a three-filter set, alongside a microsurge meter. We’ll go over how to use this meter more in-depth later, but its inclusion in the set makes this a product worth considering.

Stetzerizer’s dirty electricity filter does not come with a built-in outlet, which may be a drawback depending on how much outlet space you have. One option is to install the filter in one outlet and then plug a surge protector into the other, creating additional outlet space. The manufacturer notes that many users have reported feeling immediately better, after suffering from potentially EMF-related sickness.

The number of devices required varies based on the size of your home. Stetzerizer estimates that three filters are sufficient for most rooms, including home offices and bedrooms. However, if you have a large amount of EMF-producing devices, you may need more. You can use the microsurge meter to determine if additional filters are required.

Using the High-Frequency Electromagnetic Pollution Filter may extend the lifespan of your devices because it creates higher-quality electricity. Reviewers of the filter were surprised at how effective it was at reducing certain symptoms, including agitation and brain fog. In addition to anecdotal evidence, a few reviewers also noted that they tested the devices using their microsurge meter and there was a measurable difference with and without the filters installed.

2. Greenwave Dirty Electricity Filters

Greenwave Dirty Electricity Filters

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Greenwave’s Dirty Electricity Filters plug into the electrical outlets of your home. It is recommended that you install at least one filter in each room of your home, with larger rooms or rooms with a lot of EMF radiation having additional filters. The home office, for example, could require three or four filters because of the number of EMF-generating devices present. Greenwave sells its filters individually, or in packs. A kit for a three-bedroom home, for example, comes with 16 filters and, at the time of this writing, cost $448.

Each Greenwave Filter comes with an outlet, so you can plug-in your devices. Greenwave’s filter does not come with a built-in surge protector, but you can plug a filter into an external surge protector. This may be a necessary step for items such as a TV or computer.

The primary draw of Greenwave’s Dirty Electricity Filters is the company’s reputation for quality. There are numerous, reputable reviews of the Greenwave Dirty Electricity Filter, from people who have tested their device using a dirty electricity meter (which we’ll discuss how to do a little later). Greenwave’s filters do exactly what they say they do — they significantly reduce the levels of dirty electricity present in your home.

1. Satic Pure Power Plug-In

Satic Pure Power Plug-In

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Satic earns another spot on this list with the Pure Power Plug-In. One Pure Power Plug-In helps filter dirty electricity on an entire circuit, so the number of units required really depends on how your house is wired. Like other plug-in filters, Satic’s dirty electricity filter features an outlet that you can plug your devices into. Each outlet also doubles as a surge protector and helps reduce electronic interference. The result is safer electronics and better picture quality on your television.

While Satic’s Power Perfect Box is ideal for those in larger spaces, the Pure Power Plug-In is better suited for those with only a few circuits in their home. Like the Power Perfect Box, the Pure Power Plug-In helps reduce your overall energy consumption. Devices protected by the Pure Power Plug-In operate more efficiently, according to the manufacturer, translating to money saved on your electric bill. This increased efficiency also helps your appliances and other devices last longer.

The Pure Power Plug-In does come at a steeper initial price than other plug-in filters on this list. However, it uses a completely different technology that reduces electronic radiation, protects your devices, and doesn’t generate any EMF radiation of its own. And the cost-saving benefits mean the product will pay for itself in time. Reviewers of the Pure Power Plug-In note the product’s overall effectiveness, as well as its ability to reduce noise from electronic interference. Overall, this is a dirty electricity filter worth considering.

Is Your Filter Working?

No matter which option you choose, it’s important to test and make sure it’s working and you have adequate filtration.

The best way to test if your dirty electricity filter is working is through the use of a dirty electricity meter. There are several meters available on the market. Many manufacturers of dirty electricity filters also manufacture meters. For example, Greenwave sells its Broadband EMI Dirty Electricity Meter, and Stetzerizer has its Microsurge Meter. Neither is necessarily better than the other, though many people prefer to stick with the same manufacturer for both their meter and filter. The primary difference between the two is that they use a different standard of measurement.

To use your dirty electricity meter, plug it into an electrical outlet and record the reading. Then, plug in your dirty electricity filter to the same circuit, and repeat the reading. The meter’s guide should tell you what the “safe” range is — make sure your reading is within that range. If it’s not, that is a sign that either your filter isn’t working or your circuit requires multiple filters. If possible, add an additional filter onto the circuit and repeat the measurement until it is within the desirable range.

A dirty electricity meter is the best way to measure whether or not your dirty electricity filter is working. That being said, an EMF meter capable of detecting extra-low frequency (ELF) EMF radiation can also do the trick. The TriField TF2 is an excellent option that is capable of detecting all three forms of EMF radiation, including ELF. You should notice a significant reduction in your reading after installing the filters.

Repeat this process for each room in your home to make sure that you have an adequate number of filters installed on each circuit. This step is important because you may discover that one filter is not enough, and your family is still exposed to harmful levels of ELF EMF radiation.

Final thoughts

Dirty electricity has become an increased threat in recent years, as we transition to the use of more energy-efficient appliances and light bulbs. Even things like solar energy, that are an arguable positive for the environment, cause excessive amounts of dirty electricity in the home. For most of us, some exposure to dirty electricity is unavoidable.

Dirty electricity filters allow us to use modern conveniences in a safe way. By installing filtration in your home, you can significantly reduce the amount of dirty electricity, and therefore ELF EMF radiation, present.

If you’re looking to cut down on dirty electricity in your home, one way to do this is through the use of a dirty electricity filter. These filters help discharge some of the dirty electricity present, bringing your home’s levels down into a safer range. They are expensive but can also be viewed as an investment in your family’s health. Top Five Dirty Electricity Filters

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What started out as an intention to protect my family from the dangers of EMF radiation has turned into a mission to share my research with as many people as possible. Despite the ever-increasing threat of EMF, there are many ways to keep ourselves protected. Knowledge is power!

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